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ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, With 11,0 Pennission or ASME. ; :; Under Equipment (ASA B) Sectionnl Committee which was. A N A M E R I C A N N AT I O N A L S TA N D A R D. Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related. Equipment. ASME B (Revision of ASME B ). 23 Oct ASME B Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment.

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Signals for the operation of the rig may be given to a signalman or to, the operator direct. Form of portable, self-feeding, inclined bucket elevator for loading bulk materials into cars, trucks or other conveyances. Re-becketing after thirty 30 operating shifts is suggested or more than thirty 30 if the rig is little used each, shift. Coal Mining Institute of America G.

A moving, endless, flexible, tubular- shaped belt which may be opened or closed to load or discharge while the belt is in nrotion. A series of wheels supported in a frame over which packages or objects are moved manually, by force of gravity or by power. Section 14 Belt Conveyors Where a tripper or other moving deflector is used, requiring an operator to travel on the tripper, a suitable operator’s plat.

Pallet Loader, An automatic device to receive packages, cartons, etc. Cable way, A cable qsme system in which the material handling carriers are not detached from the operating span and the travel is wholly within the span. Closely spaced parallel tubes with right and left-hand rounded helical threads rotating in opposite direction on which bags of other objects are carried while being conveyed. Pressure systems operated by constant volume, variable pressure positive type blowers shall be equipped with a relief valve, on or adjacent to the blower.

Pivoted Bucket Conveyor, A series of buckets pivotally mounted between two endless chains which operate in hori- zontal, vertical, and inclined asmf.

Full text of “ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment”

Sollcnberger, Wsme Vice Bres. Webb, Chairman Hi D. The brake shall not be. Load hooks shall be provided with safety shields to keep the load slings on the hook.

  LEI 10861 EM PDF

Rope ends shall be arranged for complete and easy g20.1, Track Cable System t. Such devices must be designed to quickly shut off the electric power or dis- connect the- conveyor or drive parts from the motive power in the event of overload.

Any type of conveyor in which the ma- terial is carried in a series of buckets.

Bulk material is elevated in the buckets and moved horizontally by their acting as flights. Add the following new section 6. The design and installation of ail conveyor systems should be in the hands of competent engineers, and their operation and maintenance should be in charge of reliable and experi- enced persons. Any type of conveyor to which electrical, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic energy is applied.

A form of portable drag chain, belt or flight conveyor which, can be placed either beneath or over the rails for the purpose of unloading bulk materials from hopper bottom cars. This section is not intended to list all types of conveyors or variations thereof.

A aasme of pan conveyor on which the pans serve wsme molds for casting ingots or pigs. Section 19 Live Roll Conveyor Where installed at floor level or used in working areas, all live roll conveyors should be designed to eliminate hazards from pinch points or moving parts excepting at such places v20.1 other provisions are made to prevent personnel from coming in contact with or crossing the conveyor.

A static full load test shall be aske every five years to ensure that the conveyor holds the load. Section 2 Reference to Other Codes The following codes and standards should be referred to when designing, installing, and operating conveyors or convey- ing machinery. Terminal Elevator Grain Merchants Assoc. This standard does not apply to conveyors such as underground mine conveyors for assme specific standards are already in effect, or to equipment such as industrial trucks, tractors, trailers, automatic guided vehicles, tiering machines except pallet load tiererscraneshoists, power shovels, power scoops, bucket drag lines, trenchers, platform elevators designed to carry passengers or operator, manlifts, moving walks, moving stairways escalatorshighway or railroad vehicles, cablewaystramways, dumbwaiters, pneumatic conveyors, robots or integral machine transfer devices.


Gaskets holding line pressures shall be so shielded that a.

An endless fabric, rubber, plastic, leather, or metal belt which carries bulk materials, packages, or ob- jects, placed directly upon it; and pulleys for changing the direction of belt travel, driving and adjusting; and rollers, troughing idlers, or wooden or ‘metal’ bed supporting the belt and its load. Section 8 Inspection and Maintenance Inspection Periodic inspection of the entire conveyor mechanism should be made.

Wire rope guys should never be used in contact with, earth but if absolutely necessary, then double the ultimate strength of the backstay should be provided, together with anticorrosion protection in the form of grease, tar, etc. Rated capacity shall mean the capacity as established by the designer of the equipment.


If it is not practical to cover the troughs or boxes, other guards shall be provided. This bed will not be required at such places where other provisions are made to prevent person- as,e from coming in contact with or crossing the conveyor. Suspended Tray Conveyor, One or more endless chains with suitable pendant trays or aske which receive and deliver packages or objects at one or more locations. Grain and Feed Dealers National Assoc.

This lubrication should not occur as the rope enters the driving sheave, but rather as the rope leaves the amse sheave and passes over a support sheave. Refer to the rules of the department for any subsequent additionsmodifications or deletions that may have been made to this standard in accordance with Section Ladders, platforms, handholds, etc.

National Fire Protection Assoc.