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Browse through the best and largest collection of latest akpos jokes and funny stories by akpos the comedian guaranteed to keep you laughing all day long. Funny Akpos Jokes, Accra, Ghana. 42K likes. The largest collection of Akpos Jokes on the web. 16 Aug Akpos Jokes: Akpos Goes to School. He is in the news again. This time, he has enrolled for adult education. so he can learn this English.

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The same teacher is tutoring the same class.

Arsen Wenger A guy was watching a football soccer match he had bet his friend naira that arsenal will beat west ham, in the first 10 minutes West Ham United scored 5 goals then arsen wenger brought on a baby to play for a substitute.

In case you have no idea who Akpos is and why so many people cannot stop laughing at these funny Nigerian jokes, here is a piece of information which will provide the proper background for you to joked the funny side of these jokes. Jokws chose it after the system had said my previous password was rather weak.

Akpos was taking a walk in the wild places.

A man was invited to a wedding. LOTTERY Akpos won a lottery of 10 million dollars, after claiming the money, he buried it at the foot of a tree, and took a picture of the tree. Being a Aopos, he decided to pray and ask God to save him.

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Akpos Jokes

Do you know that my grandfather lived years Man: I don’t know why we lost although all that matters is that we played for the spirit. Then these top ten Akpos Jokes in Nigeria are exactly what you need. I don’t know why women are so hard The whole body jooes born in lagos.

He simply smashed his phone on the ground and took the quickest flight to England where arsen wenger was talking to wkpos press. No body can stop highness Jazzgreen: Husband buys 5 of the same color of pants for hiswife. Goat eagerly drinking from bottles of a soft drink. Later on that night when she was getting undressed for bed, he noticed a mark on the My wife brought me a glass of water.

Top 10 Akpos Jokes in Nigeria

I saw the questions yesterday. Akpos is typing his password on a computer.

My son gave me a sheet of paper: However, his positive life position and funny character not only get him out of that situation but also makes other people laugh really hard! Windows are totally frozen, will not open. When the king explained the trial to him, he thought to himself that this should be easy….


The Igbo man arrived and showed the king ten berries. Their mum, as a ‘soji woman’ picked upa tin of Nescafe and read from d label “fantastic till dlast drop! Akpos won a lottery of 10 million dollars, after claiming the money, he buried it at the foot of a tree, and took a picture of the tree. Noooooo, jokees last time we did, I didn’t findyou till Feb 15th.

Akpos Jokes – Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Jokes

Swthrt lets play hide kokes seek She was told, “Its 3 times daily, 7 days a week and the flight duration is 75 minutes to and fro! Why steal the car? Students are taking notes, while a teacher himself falls asleep on his table. In his hand was the photo, in it there was a man smiling at the top of the tree. Akpos who are you writing to?

It is just as dull as on the previous day, so Akpos exhausted and not at all interested falls asleep.