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We have newly developed the DPharp EJX series of pressure and differential pressure transmitters with the advanced silicon resonant sensor. The DPharp EJX. Differential Pressure transmitters compare two pressures and transmit the difference to a control unit. Differential Pressure transmitter have a limitless number of. Yokogawa gauge pressure solutions include traditional mount and in-line mount transmitters, all featuring Yokogawa DPharp technology to deliver accurate.

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Gauge Pressure | Yokogawa America

By making the most of the features of silicon resonators with a large gauge factor and by only processing signals from the two resonators, it is possible to obtain differential pressure and static pressure signals, which are more stable than those of piezoresistance-based sensors. For an alarm raised with regard pressrue the transmitter itself, the display only shows alarm information to enable users to obtain the required information as promptly as possible.

As a result, the sensor features excellent long-term stability. The pressure-receiving unit consists of a capsule, cover flanges and process connectors. Yokogawa offers a complete line of ISA compliant pressure transmitters.

Low Power Pressure Transmitter.

Hygienic Pressure Transmitters are designed to fulfil the requirements of hygienic and pharmaceutical application. By adopting the new overpressure protection mechanism mentioned above, we were able to reduce the amount of fluid by a factor of 10, compared with that of the EJA series.

New DPharp EJX Series Pressure And Differential Pressure Transmitters

One is the Multi-variable Pressure Transmitter. All Yokogawa pressure transmitters are designed and certified to IEC In addition to the conventional reciprocal method, the EJX series employs a time expansion method 2 in which these fractional lengths of time are extended by a factor of 64 and then measured.

Looking for more information on our people, technology and solutions? Draft Pressure transmitters are a unique type of differential transmitter that is designed to measure small differences in very low static pressure environments.

  M107 175MM PDF

In addition, it ensures conformability to various standards, including flame explosionproof, intrinsically safe explosionproof, safety standards SIL and EC directives. As a result, the tank’s internal pressure can also prezsure measured in tank level measurement.

Differential Pressure | Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Differential pressure DP flow measurement is a well-known and common technology for measuring flow in a closed pipe. Figure 9 Excitation Circuit Block Diagram shown for a single resonator only. One is the Multi-variable Pressure Transmitger. A DP transmitter can be used as a gauge pressure transmitter if the low-side is left open to the atmosphere. Yokogawa’s pressure transmitters offer a universal mount that can be configured to handle either gas or liquid; reducing your inventory of replacement transmitters.

Once it returns to normal operating pressure, the transmitter returns to operation within the defined accuracy and stability specifications with no need for recalibration.

Ports in the instrument are marked high-side and low-side. Diaphragm Seal System can be used to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level, density, and pressure. The amounts of high- pdessure low-pressure side fluid within the capsule are well balanced so that effects due to the expansion or compression of the internal fluid caused by temperature or static pressure changes are minimized.

Figure 10 shows the overall block diagram yokogaaa the transmission unit. For the electronics and software, the following three measures have been taken to reduce the computation processing period to one fourth that of the conventional transmitters.

Harsh environments can reduce the life of your instrumentation, causing maintenance issues and plant downtime. In the EJX series, a new overpressure protection mechanism has been adopted, the electronics has been made capable of high- speed computing, in order to be able to support high-speed control, such as the steam flow control of turbines. The resonance frequencies of these resonators are represented by the following equation.


Absolute Pressure transmitters compare a pressure relative to Absolute pressure. Managing two separate transmitter models is no longer necessary, reducing spares inventory and simplifying daily operations. If the sampling time is shortened in order to realize high- speed computation processing without speeding up the reference clock, this error is intensified, worsening the resolution of the counter circuit.

Refer to the General Specification sheet located under the ‘Downloads’ tab for detailed specifications. As mentioned above, the frequency of resonators is determined by mechanical dimensions and physical properties, and not affected by other disturbances, so it is easy to clarify if resonators work normally.

Timeline of Yokogawa’s Pressure Sensor Advances. Thus the pipeline resistance arising when the fluid moves affects the response time. Companies are fransmitter to find new ways to run their operations more efficiently while maximizing profitability with fewer resources than ever before.

Other names of products and systems that appear in this document are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. DPharp performance in boiler drum level measurement applications is superior to metallic capacitance type pressure transmitters. The Yokogawa DPharp sensor has a more significant operational envelope compared to an analog sensor, allowing you to run your control loop at your desired set-point regardless of process conditions.

The selected values will then be cycled through on the display. Absolute Pressure transmitters compare a pressure relative to Absolute pressure. Improvement of Resonators By utilizing micromachining technology, we were able to increase the output voltage of resonators by a factor of 1.

Hydrogen is the simplest and smallest atomic element.