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1 Jan Abstract. Energy management programs are vital to the economic life of any industry and heat recovery boilers play a dominant role in those. Waste heat boiler deskbook. Front Cover. V. Ganapathy. Fairmont Press, Jan 1, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Covers the design and application of waste heat boilers for industrial, cogeneration and municipal solid waste applications. Real-life case studies aid the.

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Very little cooling water requirements compared to a combined cycle system. The HRSG is designed to handle the significant variations in stearn load, firing temperatures, gas analysis and exhaust mass flow; a feed water exchanger is located between the deaerator and economizer to preheat the make up water and hence improve the system efficiency.

The installed cost of each is shown in Table This system is in operation in several plants which have varying stearn and electrical load, Figure c.

One can also compute the fouling factor by using the following procedure. When the heat input is significant and a membrane wall furnace is used, then the HRSG is referred to as a furnace fired unit. Step-by-step instructions for running the program: Life cycle costing could be then used to arrive at the optimum design. They are usually found in concentrations below the Lower Explosive Limit and hence need auxiliary fuel to burn.

Grimson’s Values of B and N 1. Compute the gas specific volume. Formation of steam in the steam water mixture obstructs the flow of the mixture when it flows in the downward direction and may result in vibration or water hammer concerns. Part or all of it may be utilized to increase the final combustion temperature to desired levels.

There are two fan selections-one withpph capacity and another withpph. Surface area for the smaller tube is sq it versus for the larger tube. This reduces the temperature differential across the tube sheet.


One of the concerns in several plants drskbook the time for switching over from gas turbine mode to fresh air firing mode.

The water available for these applications could be of poor quality having on the order of to ppm total dissolved solids. The HRSG can operate not only in the above four extreme boiled but also in between with any combination of power and process stearn by varying the injection stearn, and the fuel input to the HRSG.

More discussions on fire tube versus water tube type could be found in Chapters 2 and 3. Problems wasye melting glass in the bed. Figure shows a large water tube boiler for a fume incineration system with superheater. High nickel steels which have good corrosion resistance against chlorine attack may get corroded in reducing environment. It is processed deskboo, different means to yield a high quality shredded fuel and other resalable or recyclable products.

Ganapathy, “Program computes fuel input, combustion temperature,” Power Engineering, July 5. Determine deskboik system efficiency, when 40, pph at psig is generated, feed water temperature is same as before. Calculate APi from Equation Elevated drum fire tube boiler [courtesy ABea Industries] If the gas flow is large and several levels of steam pressure are used, a water tube boiler as shown in Figure may be appropriate.

With high tube side coefficients as in hydrogen plants, it is prudent to compute Uo and qo at the tube sheet inlet. Another advantage of this design is that the effect of fouling does not have a great impact on the steam temperature. Note that the addition of water or steam affects the exhaust gas analysis and hence the duty of the HRSG. What is hi when the steam is in saturated condition?

The steam reforming process converts a mixture of hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and deskbook vapor in the presence of a catalyst. Some examples will illustrate the simplified approach. The excess of ammonia called ammonia slip should be minimized by proper controls.


Waste heat boiler deskbook – V. Ganapathy – Google Books

Determine U at the average gas temperature. I Bkiler would also like to thank the following publications for permitting me to use my articles, which originally appeared in them: You will find quantitative answers to commonly asked questions on heat recovery boilers and systems; some of them are: A guillotine or damper prevents air from leaking into the gas turbine duct work when the fan is running and the turbine is off.

This is a loss of energy. Effect of tube size and arrangement whether in-line or staggered on design and performance is elaborated quantitatively.

Waste heat boiler deskbook – PDF Free Download

Boi,er advantage is that the catalyst can be located beyond the evaporator and ahead of the economizer and splitting up of the evaporator is avoided. There is no standard design methodology or procedure for engineering of waste heat boilers, since one comes across a wide range of gas temperatures, gas analysis, pressures and steam parameters Table shows some of the gas streams encountered in the industry.

The first pass can be designed with very large tubes and the subsequent passes can have smaller tubes.

Use about 80 for sizing the burner system. Maximum fuel input possible to consume all the oxygen.

Waste heat boiler deskbook

Low temperature superheated steam may also be generated, in which case the superheater is located behind the HRT. For oils, this is lb and for natural gas it is lb.

I Guidelines for fire tube boilers: Rapping Mechanism for Oeaning Boiler Tubes. Gas analysis and other data can be seen.