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Decoding Reality. The Universe as Quantum Information. Vlatko Vedral. Oxford Landmark Science. An engaging, mind-bending exploration of the deepest. 11 Apr Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information By Vlatko Vedral Oxford University Press £, pages. FT Bookshop price: £. 9 Apr A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Decoding Reality by Vlatko Vedral.

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Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information

Very much enjoyed this book, but there were times, as a lay reader, that a little more “basic information” about what Vedral meant by “information” would have made his arguments slightly less opaque. Any computable problem may be expressed as a general quantum search algorithm although classical computers may have an advantage over quantum search when using more efficient tailored classical algorithms.

That said, it is not necessarily an easy book to read without previous good understanding of the decoing. To ensure the DNA integrity is fully preserved, Nature uses 4 bit coding… but, the Reader will say, Okay, but this is all known. Vedral argues that information is the only candidate for such a building block that can explain its own existence as information generates additional information that needs to be compressed thus generating more information.

Genetic code as an efficient digital information store, containing built in codon redundancy reapity error correction in transcription. Quotes from Decoding Reality I wrote a couple of pages of notes on the book.

Anything in this universe only exists by virtue of the mutual information it shares with other objects drcoding the universe, and according to the bizarreness of quantum mechanics, our reality is actually only defined when we observe it.

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. Above all, Vedral vddral the reader see the universe in an entirely different way, as pure information. Blackjack as controlled risk taking using Shannon’s information theory probability formulas. Vedral further claims to satisfy the problem of creation ex nihilo without resorting to infinite regression that is, who programmed the universal quantum computer in the first placebecause no prior information is required in order for information to exist.


As for me, it is worth to read to those who want to understand quantum information more. That is to say, vltako with information – as spelled out via holographic theory.

In an approachable if occasionally too chummy style Vedral walks the reader through a different kind of information-revolution, with an emphasis on its quantum foundations.

The issue with quantum computers is that a measurement must be made to determine if the problem is solved which collapses the superposition.

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May 02, Hunter rated it really liked it Shelves: He has published over academic papers. It creates the number 2 by deciding an empty set within the second empty set and the number 1, and so on.

However, I was surprised to find out that it is much more deocding to understand than one might think. The concept of entanglem I’m used to science writing by people who are first and foremost authors, so reading this – written by a Physics professor at Oxford and the National University of Singapore – was quite jarring.

This is true, but he implies this caus This book is mostly about application of Shannon’s information theory in a variety of areas. Feb 12, Julian Sale rated it it was amazing. Vedral believes in the principle that information is physical. Realify of these new sources to discard unimportant information is the deterministic element and organising principle.


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Science clatko the process of describing a large amount of observed phenomena in a compressed programmatic way to predict future outcomes, and in this process of data compression science creates new information by eliminating all contrary possibilities to explain those phenomena.

Samenvatting For a physicist, all the world is information. Unlike other authors who get caught up in philosophical arguments that frustrate a great number of readers, Vedral’s perspective is always quite solid and easy to follow. This book by the Professor of Quantum Information Science at Oxford attempts to erality the entire visible universe under information theory.

Aug 23, Aaron rated it liked it. It was really hard to finish this book. In fact, the author provides several good references. Preview — Decoding Reality by Vlatko Vedral.

This first event sets in motion a chain reaction in which, once one rule has been decided, the rest of the Universe needs to proceed in a consistent manner. Feb 28, Charlene rated it really liked it Shelves: Vedral finishes by considering the answer to the ultimate question: While I did learn a great amount of information decding unfamiliar topics, I was disappointed that Vedral alluded to some very interesting concepts, but vlatkp the book without elaborating.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Universe and its workings are the ebb and flow of information. Aaand that’s the essence of what is Professor Vedral conveying to us. From Wikipedia, the free vpatko.