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RESUMEN: El Tratado Antártico ha marcado un hito fundamental en el tratamiento de la Antártida. Dicho Tratado posee unos mecanismos que hasta ahora han. La Antártida abarca los territorios al sur del paralelo 60º S, que es la región a la que se refiere el Tratado Antártico. Con excepción del norte de la península. El Tratado Antártico. Signed at Washington December 1, Entered into force June 23, The Governments of Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, the.

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Parallel to the last position, informer President Harry Truman gave two proposals trratado a legal international regime for Antarctica to the seven states 21 that had laid claims on the territory Durham University, Durham, UK: This assertion is sustained in that the Antarctic Treaty has remained untouched since its creation, despite its Article XII authorizing modifications under certain conditions. However, at the same time the effectiveness of the mechanisms are only applicable to the states that form part of the Antarctic Treaty.


Retrieved from ” https: The present treaty shall trxtado registered by the depositary Government pursuant to Anfartico of the Charter of the United Nations. Regarding the regulatory topic, the so called ” measures ” taken in the framework of the Consultative Meetings follow antatico procedure in which, in first place, various members in an informal setting discuss a proposal for a series of recommendations and negotiate their content.

A poco andar, Nueva Zelanda y Australia hicieron lo mismo. The Court whose function is to decide in accordance with international law such disputes that are submitted to it, shall apply: The hypothesis that will guide this work consists in asserting that the protection mechanisms of the Antarctic territory contemplated in the Antarctic Treaty could be insufficient legally against third party states.

Carry out aerial observations in any antarticp in each and every Antarctic region In order for this mechanism to be effective, the Contracting Parties should report in advanced the following: Acknowledging the substantial contributions to scientific knowledge resulting from international cooperation in scientific investigation in Antarctica.

Issue 1pp. The Antarctic Treaty A.

Antarctic Treaty System

Perhaps, the antxrtico convincing demonstration of the peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory previous to the Washington Conference was that carried out by India en the United Nations General Assembly inhowever, is far from earning the title of having generated custom.


The Antarctic Treaty and related agreements, collectively known as the Antarctic Treaty System ATSregulate international relations with respect to AntarcticaEarth’s only continent without a native human population.

Accessed April 11, One example is that of the NGO Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition ASOC that, as indicated in its name, is a coalition of more than members whose objective is ” antarrtico assure that antxrtico environmental and scientific assets without comparison in the Antarctic region are recognized, respected, and protected for all those that work there or visit ” The first proposal consisted in putting Antarctica under a trust of the United Nations Organization and the second proposal, that excluded the then Soviet Union, consisted in a limited internationalization of Antarctica by way of a condominiumin which the states that laid claim would have collective sovereignty in accordance with the norms of natartico public law and the international experience in material dating back to the 12th century B.

Conservation of the Antarctic flora and fauna. The need for such a belief, i.

El Tratado Antártico

Since the designation of the Australian Antarctic Territory pre-dated the signing of the Antarctic Treaty, Australian laws that relate to Antarctica date from more than two decades before the Antarctic Treaty era. Wisconsin International Law Journal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ratification to Antarctic Treaty”.

When faced with the suspension of territorial claims and the restriction on state sovereignty being antaartico in Antarctica, the aforementioned Antarctic Treaty establishes various mechanisms for the protection of the Antarctic territory and in atartico Article XIII rules that “it shall be open for accession by any State that is a Member of the United Nations, or by any other State which may be invited to accede to the Antartlco with the consent of all the Contracting Parties … “.

Flag of the Antarctic Treaty.

El Tratado Antártico, vehículo de paz en un campo minado

In the resolutions that have come from these sessions the assertion or reassertion of the peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory, the recognition of the Antarctic Treaty, and the importance of the Antarctic System have all been reiterated. All of the ships and airplanes at the points of embarkation and disembarkation of personnel or cargo in Antarctica. This mechanism makes up one of the few events in which the extraterritorial nature of national law operates since, as jurisprudence of the Permanent Court of International Justice reminds us in the well-known Lotus case, ” … jurisdiction is certainly territorial; it cannot be exerted outside the territory more than under a rule that permits belonging to the customary international law or a convention ” On the specifics, see.


Category Commons Antarctica portal Index. The expressions traatdo generally are used in this regard are the following: United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. Category Sport News Tech Music. New York, Oxford University Press.

The 46 non-claimant nations either do not recognize the claims of others, or have not stated their antartick. It begins with a preamble in which the signing states 33 express the importance of Antarctica being used for peaceful purposes, the importance of scientific contributions, and the establishment of scientific bases for cooperation.

This protocol establishes that Antarctica is a “natural reserve dedicated to peace and science” and explicitly prohibits whatever type of activity related to Antarctic mineral resources.

In conclusion, the resolutions of the United Nations Organization on the “Question of Antarctica” are evidence of uniformity of the practice of peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory, in terms of the constant reiteration and in the same literal tone as the resolutions, and of the opinio juris of the established principles of the Antarctic Treaty. Spanier illustrates this change with the following words from former President Roosevelt ” new international relations should mean the end of a system of unilateral actions, exclusive alliances, spheres of influence, balance of power, and all the other measures that have been attempted throughout the centuries and that have always failed … we propose the substitution of all of this for a universal organization in which all the nations lovers of peace will have every possibility to unite ” Impact evaluation on the environment.

The declarative effect consists in that a preexistent custom is declared or enunciated in a treaty in such a way that the existence of the treaty is antarfico of the custom, even if the treaty has not taken effect