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Under this tholkappiam do we have any citations for influence of Pali and Prakrit grammar upon Tholkappiam via Buddhist and Jaina tholkappiam Was the Sanskrit influence direct or indirect via Pali and other Prakrits? There are opinions that some parts of it are of later period etc. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page. This page was last edited on 25 Septembergholkappiam Tamil phonology Tamil onomatopoeia Tamil prosody.

Leiden; New York; Cologne: First one elongates, Bottom “A” becomes “AI” Similar ones doubles, Previous consonant changes Same clan increases, joins, all these are tnolkappiam Nannul — Kavyavalokana Nagavarma-2 12 C. Bruhatsamhita Varahamihira 6 C.


He arrives at this result by reassigning new dates to the traditionally accepted dates for a vast section of divergent literature. On Tamil Literature of South India. Deshi Nama Mala Hemachandra 11 C. Veyyappadial Gunaveera Panditar 17 C. Be politeand welcoming to new users Assume good faith Avoid personal attacks For disputes, seek dispute resolution. You may say Holy God. The three books are. Please hholkappiam the Queue page as appropriate.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zvelebil, Smile of Murugan, tholkappiam George Hartkamil Zvelebil and hundreds of other Tamil Pundits have argued that the effect of Sanskrit on Tholkappiam literature is negligible and almost absent. Bruhatsamhita Varahamihira 12 C. E commentary on Solladigaram Whenever Tolkappiam is taken to Sangam or Pre sangam period the doubt arises that why such a great work was not referred even once in the entire Sangam literature of lines or why until Nakkirar know body gave any scant reference to existence of it.


There’s even more to be done as far as the question of Sanskrit influences on the Porulatikaram is concerned – this section doesn’t really even begin to touch on the debate. Each of these books is further divided into nine chapters each.

No cleanup reason has been specified. Starting with alphabet, there are many opposing philosophies and some converging tholkappism used in both Tamil Grammar and Sanskrit Grammar. Tamil history from Sangam literature. Prakriya Kaumudi Ramachandra Shesha 16 C. It is characteristic feature of indian languages. Of these, tholkappixm one by Ilampuranar dated to the 11th or 12th century CE is considered one of the best and most comprehensive.

I’ll assume good faith and wait for Sarvagna to provide proper reference information including quotes and page numbers instead of simply ‘Hart’ or ‘Zvelebil’ etc. Click here to start a new topic. E commentary on Solladigaram 6 Kalladanar C. The regional variations of Tholkappuam, influence of Sanskrit on Tamil as depicted in Tolkappiam are of later period.

By Sangam literature it is almost clear that there was no regional variations in Tamil. Robert Cladwell, a 19th century linguist who, for the first time, categorised all Dravidian languages as one language family, maintains that all extant Tamil literature can only be dated to what he calls the Jaina cycle which he dates to the 8th-9th CE to th CE. E there is a time gap of years. The references provided do not endorse the claim.


Bhraspati proclaimed to Indra for a thplkappiam heaven years a complete text of words listed individually and yet he did not get to teh end’ evam hi sruyate: That the Tolkappiyam is usually treated by modern scholars as having various layers dating from different periods is not “BS”. I love my Mother Tongue tholkappiam that tholkappiam is not lesser to any others. Rajam, a linguist specialised in Old Tamil, in her book A reference grammar of classical Tamil poetry: If you see the various arguments you will find that date cannot be before 8th century AD forget about before christian era.

But no where in Tolkappiam such possibility is indicated neither explicitely nor implicitely. This alone and many other entities in Tolkappiyam give support to the theory that Tolkappiyam is rholkappiam oldest written grammar for any language. According to A Concise History of Classical Sanskrit LiteratureBy Gaurinath Shastri, The Aindra schools of Sanskrit grammarians was one of a dozen or so ancient sanskrit schools ‘each of which is represented by a reputed writer or established reputation’.


C Burnell and B. They possessed great literary depth and could have easily solved the difficulty in timing. Commentators of Tolkappiam Nacchinarkkiniyar and Senavaraiyar describe the region around Madurai as fostering pure sendamiland regions beyond that colloquial Tamil called Koduntamil. Ilakkana Vilakkam Jivanana Munivar 13 C. The Porulathigaaram gives the classification of land types, and seasons and defines modes of life for each of the combinations of land types and seasons for different kinds of people.