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The Lost Child has 66 ratings and 4 reviews. Niradhip said: The Lost child is a short story about a child and his aspiration, demands and realization. Th. Simply, Mulk Raj Anand’s story, The Lost Child narrates how a little boy was lost in the crowd of a village fair. It tells us how on his way to the fair he was attracted . 31 Jan The short story “The Lost Child” by Mulk Raj Anand describes how a little child was lost in the crowd of a village fair. One day, on the day of the.

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Even after realizing the harsh reality of being lost, he remembers to do the right thing and look for his parents. The significance of parents is only revealed once they are out of sight and we realize the world is upside down.

Some walked, some rode on horses, others sat, being carried in bamboo and bullock carts. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Farheen August 3, 4: From the wintry shades of narrow lanes and alleys emerged a gaily clad humanity. As he came to where they had stopped to wait for him, he could not suppress the desire of his heart, even though he well knew the old, cold stare of refusal in their eyes.

Thematic Concerns in Mulk Raj Anand’s The Lost Child and other stories.

He tries to find his parents in the people who are busy in laughing, jesting and moving all round. Thus he lagged far behind his parents and got lost in the crowd of the fair. If we think of his age, we see that he belongs to a different age but in the treatment of subject-matter, he is very modern even more advance than the people of our age. Highlight 5 ways in which the story is relevant even today decades after it was first penned by its author Mulk Raj Anand.

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The mother is aware of his love affair with the butterflies and asks him to not wander off far and away. Being heartbroken with unfulfilled desires, he looks at the massive expanse of mustard fields in front of him.

Some may find hidden humour in the story. Whose baby are you?

The Lost Child

Finally, the man tried to console him with some sweets, but all his efforts failed. Evangeline Philip rated it really liked it Mar 24, Which as expected would highlight how closely connected the boy is to his parents. U r right this is very big summary like a small chapter. The kind hearted man tried to console the child by lot him a ride on the roundabout, but the child repeated his cry for his parents. The ending is somewhat bizarre as the reader keep on guessing whether the lost The Lost child is a short story about a child and his aspiration, demands and realization.

He is all alone and deserted in a crowd of strangers. Whole story explained in the best possible way.

Short Story Analysis: The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand – The Sitting Bee

Newer Post Older Post Home. Children today may still wish for things that they cannot have. Something that leaves the reader feeling as though the boy is really very innocent. As far as I know it is the complete story and not a book.


He watched it going round and round with a merry band of men, mluk, and children on it. His poetry reveals more careful craftsmanship, a more conscious intellectuality. Can u answer this question for me please. Then his mother gave a cautionary call: As to why this may be is uncertain though it may be a case that neither parent wishes chiild spoil their son. A child or adult will always seek security. His yellow turban came untied and his clothes became muddy.

A shower of young flowers fell upon the child as he entered the grove, and, forgetting his parents, he began to gather the raining petals in his hands.

But he well knew his parents would never buy him the balloons because they would say he was too old to play with such toys. The Sitting Bee, 27 Apr.

He is overcome with delight and joy after taking such a beautiful sight. Subhankar rated it really liked it Aug znand, Thanks for telling us about the problem. There was a roundabout in full swing.

A man stood holding a pole with yellow, red, green and purple balloons flying from it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.