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30 Oct There’s nothing at the center of Kathe Koja’s novel The Cipher. Cipher. A vaguely-defined, but ominous figure shows up in the Funhole video. Kathe Koja (born ) is an American writer. She was initially known for her intense Koja’s first novel, The Cipher, was originally entitled The Funhole. 13 May I still don’t think there’s been anything in horror quite like Kathe Koja’s debut novel, The Cipher (Feb , Dell/Abyss). These days she writes.

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You Might Also Like It frequently shows up on lists of outstanding horror fiction. It creates its own claustrophobic world so convincingly that it comes as kahhe shock when you learn that some characters have to leave for work or visit their mothers. Remember the paperback cover art but not the title or author? The House of Small Shadows.

The Cipher

I bought it when it first appeared and I was one very angry reader. American women novelists American horror writers Splatterpunk American fantasy writers births Living people 20th-century American novelists 21st-century American novelists American young adult novelists Women science fiction and fantasy writers Women horror writers 20th-century American women writers 21st-century American women writers Women writers of young te literature. She may love him.

Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Spearheaded by editor Jeanne Cavelos, the Abyss line even included in each book an ambitious mission statement on the very first page. Horror through and through. Unfortunately, Sarah, I found the same thing, all over the internet: House of Leaves sits on my shelf unread; one of these days Two Novels by Kathe Koja. Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears. All of this can also be said for the contents found inside.


Others are brought into the “secret. Not darkness, not the absence of light but living black. Hum, from Kathe Koja’s site this intriguing thing: Bad things happen to what goes into the hole. The descriptions from the author where fantastic, about the ‘funhole’, the characters, and the unit Nicholas stayed in.

I think there was the seed of a good book, but, IMHO, it all went wrong. Maybe the house in House of Leaves, or the videotape in Koji Suzuki’s The Ring also published in – great minds think alikein how a lump of plastic embodies inescapable, remorseless evil. The Cipher by Kathe Koja. I’d known of its reputation for years, but was also unable to find a copy.

This novel is both, and it is the only novel that I can truthfully describe as nightmare-inducing. These can be scary, but they can also fail miserably. Instead, she adopts the modus operandi of a psychological investigator, deeply attuned to the ways different individuals react to transcendent experiences.

I knew that horror could do more, and that it should do more. I too found this for a few bucks at a used bookstore. You just have to crawl through pounds of blood and pus to find them. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Follow Ted Gioia on Twitter at www. Otherwise, Click here to log in. Nakota wants to push onward with their exploration of the Funhole.

Fun in the Funhole: Exploring Kathe Koja’s “The Cipher” | LitReactor

It took me some effort, and expense, to find a beat-up secondhand paperback copy. I kona be honest: My Thoughts Horror is rarely poetry. Long out-of-print and much sought-after, it is finally available as an ebook, with a new foreword by the author.


Very much a reaction against the bestseller comforts of King, Koontz, Saul, Andrews, et. No matter; unique fiction like this will engender extreme reaction. Randy, a tow-truck driver who dabbles in sculpture, wants to see what the Funhole can do for his art. Who could possibly know? Jerking too-slow pullback and the whole face came into view, a woman, a girl, the surface of her skin no skin at all but a million mouths: None of these creatures returns unscathed from their journey, but instead suffer strange mutations, akin to what you might find after a few core meltdowns and several generations of genetic anarchy.

And in that place, where we come face-to-face with terror, what we find is ourselves…. Seldom has language been so visceral and so right.

Preview — The Cipher by Kathe Koja. Pure black and the sense of pulsation, especially when you looked at it too closely, the sense of something not living but alive, not even something but some—process. Ratings and Reviews 2 10 star ratings 2 reviews.

I’ll just say this However, I felt the story never really went anywhere. The plot is bizarre. Your Place in Oblivion is Secure. It’s one of the best horror novels I’ve ever read.