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iSe avgångstider? Klicka på en station på kartan för avgångstider. Planera resan med vår SL Reseplaneraren Veckans väder för Stockholm. Linjekarta med översikt över Stockholms tunnelbanestationer. is owned by Stockholm County Council through the company Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL). Stockholm spårtrafikkarta Rail network map. Tunnelbana, spårvagn, Tunnelbana Metro. Spårvagn Tram. Lokalbanor Light rail. Pendeltåg Commuter rail.

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This may be the start of a new line Yellow Marta. The first track was opened inand today the subway system has about stations and more will be added within a couple of years.

Stockholm Metro Map

The course is 41, meters long. Stockholm Tunnelbana map Also Known As: Ad We use cookies Tunnelbana karta. This signal system, along with C20 rolling layers, allows the use of ATO.

Individual tickets must be purchased in advance usually in privately owned smaller stores and kiosks or at ticket machines available at all metro stations and at several metro or bus stations. Options for visitors include: Maximum acceleration and braking is 0. No ticket check is done on board the train as it is done on a reular train with conductors, but it is quite common for inspectors to show up on the train. Check the weather in Stockholm.

Net Read your webmaster’s personal impressions on the different Stockholm urban rail systems Aug The city is situated on various islands which makes city transport a special enterprise. It is used bypassengers per working day or 55 million per year This line is almost entirely underground except Kista station and all stations were built in rock at a depth of m. At Rissne, an informative wall about the history of the earth’s civilizations runs along both sides of the platform.

Extension of the blue line northwest from Akalla to Barkarby railway station via a new station. Along the surface strech of the Akalla branch another station, Kymlinge, was built but never opened.


Find out more about these projects here! This line was sl karta tunnelbana converted to metro standard and integrated ls the western section of the Green Line opened in During the period the green line was extended bit by bit. Inthe two parts were connected via the Central Station at the T-Central and the Old Town at Old Town’s metro stationand then formed the green line.

SL service network maps

Norsborg – Ropsten Route T The future Init was announced that an agreement had been reached on the future of several extensions, with construction expected to start tunnwlbana and commercial traffic on the first sections scheduled to start in In a second line was opened from Slussen to Stureby.

This line was later tunmelbana to metro standard and integrated into the western section of the Green Line opened in It has a length of kms and stations, 47 underground and 53 on surface. A station has been disconnected and demolished. The Green Krta actually consists of three independent lines operating along a shared section: Other Rail Transport in Greater Stockholm.

Fri, Sat night Air Conditioning: It is used bypassengers per working day or 55 million per year Alvik – Farsta strand Route T The green line official Tunnelbana 1, or “Metro one” tumnelbana 3 row numbers and 49 stations: Citybanan Gallery at UrbanRail. Today’s southern legs of the Green Line partly follow the alignments of these tram lines. Stations are labeled with “Tunnelbana” or “T” signs, and most are shown on tourist maps. More about Stockholm trams here!

Stockholm’s Tunnelbana by Lars Mattias Radvall. It opened August 31, The reason for the lower speed limit on the green line is due to narrower curves than on kzrta other lines, because the green line was built by cliff and covers the streets of the inner city while the other lines are drilled at greater depths.

Due to the deep alignment the line is not very busy with inner-city traffic, most passengers board the trains at T-Centralen to go to the northwestern suburbs. The 7 days travelcard is valid from To know the difference between the metro and commuter sl karta tunnelbana here is a video of a commuter train. Help kxrta If sl karta tunnelbana consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the file Find out more about these projects here!


However, the red line signal system is to be replaced by communications-based train control made by Ansaldo STS, which will come into operation in The operations are contracted to MTR Corporation. Map for the commuter trains may be added in the future. This means that the graphics are vector based, which allows you to zoom in and out on the map without blurring as a normal image becomes.

From most trains dl been replaced by the new Vagn Cross-platform interchange with Tunnelbana at Alvik.

Stockholm Metro Map – Stockholm Subway

Buy single-use tickets for 1, 2, or 3 zones, or save money with an SL Access stored-value card that you can top up with credits as needed. The third and final line of the line system, the blue line, was opened inwith two lines that went north-west from the center. Vreten renamed Solna strand on 18 Aug However, the driver still drives the door controls and allows the train to start.

The Red Line consists of two lines: An overwhelming majority of subway stations are located sl karta tunnelbana suburbs, but the network sl karta tunnelbana centered at the T-Central where all trains throughout the network pass.