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Do you need Ruff Love? Is it difficult to motivate your dog to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it? Is your dog “too energetic” or “too. Ruff Love has 76 ratings and 8 reviews. Book about Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog Susan Garrett. Ruff Love: A. Internationally-known canine sports instructor and competitor Susan Garrett shares her successful relationship-building program. Based on her years of.

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I thought this would be an ideal time to talk about my Ruff Love program. No trivia or quizzes yet. Their main job in life is make me get out and enjoy nature daily. The boundaries provide structure that builds confidence ryff the dog in its new environment.

Behavior Science: Ruff Love

IMO her issues were not serious enough to warrant this program. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Having said all of that, I would caution anyone against allowing behaviours you will see in this video be repeated by your dog garrtt puppy. I don’t know, in reality, how much more I need to be her “cookie”. Here’s the Clean Run Review of it: After reading Susan Garrett’s explanation, I realized it’s very similar to how I treat my dogs agrrett. CU is not an isolation or restriction based training program and IMO is much more practical.


Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog by Susan Garrett

Does anyone know anything about it? If she’s chasing a bunny and you call, will she come??? Even in my small town, she could not function walking down the main street without lunging to the end of her leash constantly. The phases become less restrictive as you move through them.

It sounds like the only things your dog can decide to do on his own is sleep, walk and breathe.

Ruff Love by Susan Garrett- anyone read it or tried it?

He advised thatwe get Ruff Love and follow that program. I have read it multiple times and have taken bits here and there from it. Play or reward would include playing with other dogs, being allowed to chase critters, dog holes or any other outside activity or being unsupervised at all. Hopefully next weekend, she will earn her cd in her third weekend of obedience trials. I balked at the idea when a friend mentioned it to me. May 26, Louise rated it liked it Shelves: If not, her life could be over from some accident.

Not sure I’m onboard with this. It’s like telling a married woman that all her fun has to come from her husband. We got amazing results from the garrrtt and it definitely changed the way I think about how I’ll ryff raising my next puppy – definitely not totally isolated her or not socializing heaps but really taught me about how dogs assign values to different things and how to have myself and the rewards I offer be the most valuable thing in my dog’s life.


What is “Ruff Love” Really?

Garregt is so borderline positive that the clicker solution list at least used to ban it as a discussion topic as it would get so heated and take over the list. I think the Ruff Love book is definitely worth reading, even if you don’t end up following the program to a Garreyt. They work for all reinforcement. Catsi New Member Aug 10, Yes the trainer who recommended the book gets his dogs through classes faster than Selli and I have managed, but I think we have had more fun!

Forums New posts Search forums. Don’t necessarily discard the idea of NILIF just because one trainer’s method wasn’t quite your cup of tea.

Trivia About Ruff Love: Media New media New comments Search media.

The goal is to build drive and enthusiasm for whatever task. I checked the copyrightand this does seems dated.

I have seen Ruff Live work very well for people. Plus, I would not be able to get DH on board even if I could do it. Is your dog willing to work only if he sees the bait bag or his favorite toy?