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Criminal Law II Revised Penal Code Title One CRIMES AGAINST AND THE LAW OF NATIONS Article Review Notes RPC Reyes, Book Two, by. Title, The Revised Penal Code: Criminal Law, Book 2. The Revised Penal Code: Criminal Law, Philippines. Authors, Philippines, Luis B. Reyes. Edition, the revised penal code book 2 by luis b. reyes. Book. 88 people like this topic. Related Pages. Quiapo Church – Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene.

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Persons in authority and agents of persons in authority; Who shall be deemed as such. Execution of deeds by means of violence or intimidation. In cases of seduction, abduction, acts of lasciviousness and rape, the marriage of the offender with the offended party shall extinguish the criminal action or remit the penalty already imposed upon him.

Being entrusted with the collection of taxes, licenses, fees and other imposts, shall be guilty or any of the following acts or omissions: Through any of the following fraudulent means: The offense is committed by a syndicate if it is planned or carried out by a group of three 3 or more persons. Proof of the reyyes of an imputation of an act or omission not constituting a crime shall not be admitted, unless the imputation shall have been made against Government employees with respect to facts fevised to the discharge of their official duties.


The penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period, if the physical injuries inflicted shall have caused the illness or incapacity for labor of the injured person for more than thirty days.

Abandonment of person in danger and abandonment of one’s own victim.

By prision mayor, if such correspondence be carried on in ciphers or conventional signs; and. How forgery is committed. Machinations in public auctions.


The Revised Penal Code: Criminal Law Book Two

To prevent the promulgation or execution of any law or the holding of any popular election; 2. The offended party cannot institute criminal prosecution without including both the guilty parties, if they are both alive, nor, in any case, if he shall have consented or pardoned the offenders.

Who are guilty of robbery. ActSections,and Offering false testimony in evidence. Immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibitions and indecent shows. Act amending the Revised Administrative Code. Administering injurious substances or beverages.

Evasion of service of sentence on the occasion of disorder, conflagrations, earthquakes, or other calamities. Code of Criminal Procedure.

Any ascendant, guardian, teacher or person entrusted in any capacity with the care of a child under sixteen years of age, who shall deliver such child gratuitously to any person following any of the callings enumerated in paragraph 2 hereof, or to any habitual vagrant or beggar.

Using fictitious name and concealing true name. Any person who shall enter an inclosed estate or a field where trespass is forbidden or which belongs to another and without the consent of its owner, shall hunt or fish upon the same or shall gather cereals, or other forest or farm products.

If the crime shall have been committed with violence or threats, the penalty shall be prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods. By arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period, when the damage caused is over 50 pesos but does not exceed pesos.

In the cases specified in Articles,and of this Code, when the property taken is mail matter or large cattle, the offender shall suffer the penalties next higher in degree than those provided in said articles. Agnes Polinar rated it it was amazing Nov 25, Abortion practiced by the woman herself of by her parents.

If the building or property is insured for substantially more than its actual value at the time of the issuance of the policy. When said offenders do not carry arms and the value of the property taken does not exceed pesos, they shall suffer the penalty prescribed in the two next preceding paragraphs, in its minimum period. The provisions contained in this article shall not be applicable: Act revosed gambling, now provided for in Arts.


Revided train, airplane or any aircraft, vessel or watercraft, or conveyance for transportation of persons or property. Physical injuries inflicted in a tumultuous affray. Services rendered under compulsion in payment of debt. Anyone who shall act as a keeper or watchman of a dive or resort where any prohibited drug is used in any manner contrary to law; and 2.

With treachery, taking advantage of superior strength, with the aid of armed men, or employing means to weaken the defense or of means or persons to insure or afford impunity. Making untruthful statements in a narration of facts; 5. Possession, preparation and use of prohibited drugs and maintenance of opium dens.

Robelle Jay rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Other forms of trespass. Brothers and sisters and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, if living together. Any physician or surgeon or public officer who, in violation of the duties of his profession or office, shall cooperate in the execution of any of the crimes mentioned in the two next preceding paragraphs, shall suffer the penalties therein prescribed and also the penalty of temporary special disqualification.

codw The penalty of prision correccional in its minimum and medium period and a fine not exceeding 1, pesos, whenever the damage to a third party or to the public interest shall not have been serious.

Vagrants and prostitutes; penalty. By prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods, if the damage caused is over pesos but does not exceed 1, pesos; and 4.