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Our America is an award-winning film based on the book Our America: Life And Death on the by LeAlan Jones, Lloyd Newman, and David Isay. Music by. LeAlan Marvin Jones (born May 8, ) is an American journalist who lives in Chicago’s . Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago (with co- authors Lloyd Newman, David Isay and John Anthony Brooks) Simon and. Our America has ratings and reviews. Vivienne said: A very powerful book. At times, it can get too heavy-handed and narrowly focused for my own.

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D–did you–did they write a contract with you and they pay you money to do this or What about your grandparents, your–your I don’t know anerica sure. When I was reading my inference was true because through the whole book it talked about them and their lives.

It keeps them–it keeps them happy.

Because it–it’s a–they–they never really served their purpose. We had an agent who sent out a bid, and Scribner bid the highest, and we–we–we were contracted to do the book. I believe that, you know, that question–it took–it took–it–it took the Ida B.

He sent out letters to different social work agencies and got numerous responses, but two boys in particular stuck out.

I came right a–I heard the shooting because, you know, if–bullets don’t have a name on them. From what it’s like to americs up without a father, to their hopes and dreams, Jones and Newman explore it all. And we’ve got a picture we’re going to show amdrica that is from that 14th story? May 16, Grant Workman rated it really liked it. LeAlan said that living in the projects is like fighting in the Vietnam war ‘ he makes this refrence because when soldiers came back from the war they was all messed up in the head and living in the projects is similar the people who live there are messed up and they’re just, doing what’s in their enviornment.


I remember the first time I heard it and I remember the time–the first time I saw it, yeah. I feel–I–I mean, don’t get me wrong, where I live is not a great situation, but it’s a lot better than what most kids ouf in.

I’m talking–I’ve–talking to third-graders. I mean, I ga–I acknowledged them in my book. And I grew up right next to a university. That’s–I believe the guys came up with that around, like, or ‘ May 28, Vivienne rated it really liked it Shelves: Our America is a call to action that is as important today as it was then.

What kind of comments do they make to you? Check out the options available through Archway Publishing. If–if–if I were to hang around you and Steve and–and Lloyd and you were all talking the language, would I understand you?

They also tell u about the thing’s they have say with there own eye’s in the Ida B. Because in t–in–if I’m–in 15 years, I’ll be 33, 32, my peers will be the same age–the majority of the people that I’m speaking to will be of age to vote. Jones ran unopposed in the Green Party primary and gained the nomination. And David Isay, a indepro–an independent producer from National Public Radio, had called and asked if the organization had anybody that could talk about their community.

LeAlan says that he tries to live a life of value: Grandfather’s a great man, strong black man. It was in New York, Washington and Amerida.


I’ve spoken to adults. Just because one is still in high school doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. I would fight because I was j–I was very small.

You would probably understand it, depending on how we use it, because, I mean, it’s gestures.

We went about it just lfalan around the community, interviewing people who we thought had good stories about Eric, who knew something about the case.


I can’t, you know, sit here and wonder about what might have happened, if or could. If you were president of the United States, had all the money available to you to solve the problems that you’ve seen in your life, give us some ideas of what you’d do.

The boys who threw him out of the window were just doing what they know. Feb 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing. When white kids hear it, it’s funny, but yet, it’s shocking, because a lot of them have never had to deal with some of the things that we’ve had to deal with.

It was–I think “Ghetto Life” probably–I don’t know.

Wells a five year old Eric Morse, he was thrown out of a fourteenth-story window all because he didn’t steal candy for them. Wells, and let them know that something has got to change. I was doing speaking for an organization called No Dope Express Foundation, and I was going around–I was speaking for the organization.

I try to motivate them.

OUR AMERICA by LeAlan Jones , Lloyd Newman , David Isay | Kirkus Reviews

One of the most powerful things this book does is to humanize the people living in the ghetto. Isay, a leading broadcast journalist, gave voices to America’s most socially challenged youth by giving tape recorders to budding journalists in Chicago’s notorious South Side housing projects. Oct 07, Bianca added it. The organization took me on my first flight when I was n–in eighth grade. Our America stands out because its voices spill out virtually unrestrained — raw, ugly and eloquent.

And so one day he had told me to stop laughing like Alvin the chipmunk. Regardless of the situation, there’s going to be pressure.