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Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War is a novel by American author and decorated Marine Karl Marlantes. It was first published by El Leon Literary Arts in . 1 Apr Karl Marlantes’s first novel, β€œMatterhorn,” is about a company of According to the publisher, Marlantes β€” a highly decorated Vietnam vet. 8 Aug Roger Perkins on Karl Marlantes’s Matterhorn, an anger-fuelled Vietnam War tale of camaraderie and conflict.

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Marlantes is a graduate of Yale University and a Rhodes Scholar. He provides breathtaking marlaantes the combat scenes are rendered in a minute-by-minute reel and you experience the fear, adrenalin and pain alongside the soldiers. It was intense and deeply moving. Here is all the insanity of conflict.


The New York Times. The book mmatterhorn 2nd Lieutenant Mellas, a I was in the shit. In the combat novels and memoirs explicitly about the era, we see a similar thread, a tragicomic refusal to justify sending young men off to battle.

I will not look at Vietnam or any war the same way. To the extent it has a main character, there is Lieutenant Waino Mellas, a young, inexperienced officer who went to Princeton and joined the reserves we’re not reinventing the wheel marlantse. Anyway, yeah, kind of a downer. Remember, I am very protective of this book. Then another black kid refused to have his hair cut and people were up in arms about that. Where the shells burst.

From this kind of psyched-up non-fiction, it was a short step to the movies, the first art form to undertake the excruciating process of imagining the unimaginable. Marlantes, I felt, told both sides of the race issue with an even hand.

What is this world where power-hungry, cynical older men send young virgins off to rot and be blown to pieces on some hill in a country none of them ever would’ve heard of otherwise? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Book review: ‘Matterhorn’ by Karl Marlantes

The 10 best screen vampires. Both marlanges son and my grandsons have no idea of the impact the Vietnam war had on my life, but also on the lives of so many of my generation.


Because of that I am going to marlanes with my three star rating. But how are you supposed to get interested in people who have no personalities? In some ways “Matterhorn” isn’t new at all, but it reminds us of the horror of all war by laying waste to romantic notions and napalming the cool factor of video games and “Generation Kill.

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes | Book review | Books | The Guardian

So the one probable became a fact. Mellas and his division are pushed well beyond any reasonable limits of endurance β€” blood-sucked by leeches, ridden with jungle rot, hobbled by immersion foot, terrorized by tigers, mortared, fragged, shot at, and, perhaps most viciously, starved and set up to die by a drunk Lieutenant Colonel who seeks only his own advancement.

The war as a whole its origins maatterhorn machinations was more complex, as all wars are, but mostly only to the politicians who started and sustained it.

The title is derived from the codename for a remote, mountainous military outpost, a “firebase”, near the demilitarised zone DMZ separating North and South Vietnam and the Laos border, not unlike the notorious Hillor Hamburger Hill.

Imperialism or whether Johnson should have reacted as he did to the Gulf of Tonkin incident; there is only the drudgery of endless patrols, jungle rot, leeches, C-rations, etc. In the climax, Mellas leads his marines through a seemingly hopeless assault to take Matterhorn back from the enemy, again on the orders of Col.

Had the others done the same, the attack would have stopped, and the outcome would have been a disaster. This is a book that was sad, moving, traumatic, large and important.

No matter how many hours you spend in a library, there are certain facts you can’t reach. The latter portions of the novel detail the struggles of Bravo Company to retake the base, which fell into enemy hands after it was abandoned.

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes

My real problem with Matterhorn is that it feels like a small piece of a larger whole. He also secretly longs for medals and promotion. For Vietnam veterans, who returned home only to face insults and shunning, the stories remained locked inside.


With so many black enlisted men, racism is a major backdrop for Mellas’ challenges to build cohesion in his company. Ironically, the best parts of matterhodn aren’t the battle scenes, which are at times rendered with a literal precision that borders on mechanical.

No one who has not served in combat can understand what a soldier suffers physically and emotionally. The fog that swirled around them obscured their goal: Mellas wants to be one of the boys. Oct 23, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: The memory of the war was kept alive by veterans’ rage, investigative journalism and the quest for war crimes.

At the beginning of the novel, the Marlzntes build the base, but later they matyerhorn ordered to abandon it. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. I’d read some background to the Vietnam war but was really quite sketchy on the detail surrounding the political background and even more so on details of the conflict itself.

I remember each generator powered four hootches. I must admit I had very few recollections of the book from the first reading. It’s probably not a spoiler to say some of the characters die, but I was surprised at just how many did.

There were too many men, too many military terms, I wasn’t sure if Matterhron liked the main character Mellas, I had nothing mqtterhorn hold on to. Fighting their way up the hillside of their former firebase, hatred and jealousy evaporate, even the Corps itself disappears. A Novel of the Vietnam War As it progressed I got to identify with the lead players, worrying for their safety and rooting for them as they went into battle.

What’s more, it isn’t by distracting the reader from the maroantes either. It’s a passage clunky enough to lose a star.