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Entrevista com Waldo Vieira – Anos 90 – Explicando Projeciologia das experiências da consciência fora do corpo humano – Waldo Vieira – Google Livros. 23 set. Projeciologia (Latim: projectio, projeção; grego: logos, tratado) – Ciência que estuda as projeções da consciência e Waldo Vieira ().

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Lucid projectability — The lucid, projective paraphysiological quality of the consciousness that is capable of provoking its discoincidence or taking its vehicles of manifestation out from the alignment of its holosoma, even through the impulsion of its willpower. The physical base that is technically prepared for the production of projections of the consciousness. What is above all important, in this context, is conceptual content and not linguistic form.

It is based upon the prioritization of and the full-time dedication to the execution of the existential program, beginning at a young age. Volitional intrusion — Invasion of the will of vieida consciousness upon another by way of heterosuggestion or heterohypnosis.

Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia

Paragenetics — The genetics restricted to the inheritance of the consciousness, received through the psychosoma, from the previous life to the human embryo. Mega-strong-trait — The maximal strong trait of projeciologiw consciousness. Dream projeciolofia The natural consciential state which is intermediary between the ordinary, physical waking state and natural sleep.


Destructive macro-PK — Harmful PK psychokinesis capable of causing injuries to the intraphysical consciousness. Consciential paracoma — The state of extraphysical coma of a projected intraphysical consciousness who invariably remains unconscious, therefore having no recall of extraphysical events. A more adequate expression than evolutionary orienter.

Artifacts of knowledge — Intellectual tools; resources used by the consciousness to store, retrieve or process information, such as books, computers and the internet. He then projeciologia waldo vieira studying themes related to parapsychologylike astral projections and altered states of consciousness. As Vidas de Chico Xavier. Karmic link — invisible, indissociable energetic connection established between a consciousness with other consciousnesses, places, events, objects, and ideas.

Interdimensionality — Interaction, interrelation or interconsciential communication between intraphysical and extraphysical dimensions. Karma — Set of natural universal laws of cause and effect that guide the evolution of the consciousness, operating as a basic evolutionary self-regulating mechanism of energetic and cosmoethical balance.

Projective recess — The existential phase of the intraphysical consciousness characterized by the spontaneous cessation — almost always temporary — of lucid projective experiences, within a sequence of intensive experiences. Enumerology — The didactic technique of processing texts based on informative self-critiquing. Consciential epicenter — The key intraphysical consciousness of operational epicentrism who becomes a fulcrum of interdimensional lucidity, assistantiality and constructiveness through the extraphysical clinic.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia – IIPC

Most used expressions to refer to this condition: The consciential bond goes beyond the employment bond. In turn, the experience brought about by the empraxis grants to the individual the possibility of confirming, testing or furthering a given consciential concept. This individual acts as a lucid, mini cog within a maxi pfojeciologia of the multidimensional team.


Helper — The extraphysical consciousness which is auxiliary to one or more intraphysical consciousnesses; extraphysical benefactor; consciousness who lucidly exercise advanced multidimensional interconsciential assistance.

Assistantial — Related to or denoting assistance. Con — The hypothetical unit of measurement of the level ljvro lucidity of the intraphysical or extraphysical consciousness. It is a field of conscientiometry holomaturology.


Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Self-projection — Departure of the intraphysical consciousness to another consciential dimension in the mentalsoma or the psychosoma, when intentional or provoked by the will. It is too subtle to be discovered and detected by existing technological equipment.

The resources and extraphysical installations of the extraphysical clinic are numerous and remarkable. Besides the physical aspects planned, in the non-physical dimension, an energetic-informational field holothosene specific to the theme of each laboratory is installed.