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Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? is an pamphlet by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva in , it was retitled . And later the Hindu Mahasabha took it as its official definition of Hindutva. When Savarkar was freed from prisons in all Hindus rallied around him under. Hindutva [V.D. Savarkar] on by V.D. Savarkar (Author) . more about the meaning of Hindutva as defined by the great Veer Savarkar himself.

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The non-Hindi regions saw it as an attempt by the north to dominate the rest of the country. Owing to restrictions placed upon him he confined his activities to bringing about a social revolution hinxutva Hindus.

Hindutva by V.D. Savarkar

The system of four varnas may disappear when it has served its end or ceases to serve it, but will that make our land a Mlechchadesha — a land of foreigners? A Hindu marrying a Hindu may lose his caste but not his Hindutva. Cripps that it would take him years to understand how Hindusthan-India was one nation.

Vishva Hindu Parishad and Indian Politics. Rush vigorously and attack ; and Hindupadpadshahi Hindu Kingdom is at hand!

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And no word can give full expression to this racial unity of our people as the epithet, Hindu, does. Because we had won we thought it had been an easy 70 HINDUTVA This one single letter penned with such ease and grace gives a truer expression to the spirit of our history than many a dull volume had done.

Because of his co-opera- tion and determination I have been able to publish this edition 1 1 have no words to thank him!!

The Indian National Congress, lacking any coherent political ideology or leadership was thrashed soundly in the recent parliamentary elections. Some of them seem to have been friendly towards the newcomers and it is almost certain that many an individual had served the Aryans as guides and introduced them to the names and nature of the new scenes to which the Aryans could not be but local strangers. The answering association submits that it is not just a matter of RSS conviction, but a fact borne out by history that the Muslims, Christians and Parsis too are Hindus by culture although as religions they are not so.

If the epithet Sindhu dates its antiquity in the glimmer- ing twilight of history then the word Hindu dates its antiquity from a period so remoter than the first that even mythology fails to penetrate – to trace it to its source.


Savarkar used the term ” Hindutva ” Sanskrit -tvaneuter abstract suffix to describe “Hinduness” or the “quality of being a Hindu “.

We might bear witness Page,3i Mujumdar, Peshawe. Even if we do not accept the tradition that the river Brahma putra44 s veeer a branch of the Sindhu which falls into flowing streams on the eastern and western slopes of the Himalayas and thus constitutes both hinrutva eastern as well as western frontiers, still it is indisputably true that it circumscribes our northern and western extremities in its sweep and so the epithet Smdhusthan calls up the image of our whole Motherland: Hindutva is different from Hinduism To this category of names which have been to mankind a subtle source of life and inspiration belongs the word Hindutva, the essential nature and significance of which we have to investgate into.

He is wellknown in the printing world of Maharashtra for hinduutva big plans, new ideas and effecient execution and generous nature. Acknowledgement of their ancestor faith as Hinduism will over come to the identity crises amongst people of Islam and Christianity.

But as the outside world persisted in recognizing us by our ancient name ‘Sindbu’ or ‘Hindu’ both these in-coming and out-going savarkaar helped mightily to render that epithet to be the most prominent of our national names.

They become the idea itself and live longer than generations of man do. Shivaji thought to himself – We are Hindus. Now you know, why left in Europe is pro-muslim and anti-native Europeans.

Consequently although the words Sindhu and Sindhusthan are at times found in Sanskrit works, yet the Sanskrit writers generally preferred the word Bharat as being more in consonance with the es- tablished canons of elegance. However it must be clearly pointed out that the definition is not based on any theological hair-splittiug or religious fanaticism. This fact added to the circumstances which brought us first into close contact and then into a fierce conflict with the world at large, soon enabled the epithet Hindu to assert itself hinduvta more and so vigorously as to push into the background even the well beloved name of Bharatakhanda itself.

He savar,ar great thinker. Garima Sharma rated it really liked it Dec hindtuva, Retrieved 18 February Those people who are here reading the negative reviews and wondering if they should read it.


Veer Savarkar: The man credited with creating Hindutva didn’t want it restricted to Hindus

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? In other words, Hindutva is more than the Bby religion, and as a political philosophy it does not confine itself to adherents of hijdutva Hindu faith. Savarkar conveniently forgets the Indus Valley civilisation which had a settled city life, apparently some kind of government, and complex svarkar and religious belief; and which was born, thrived and perished much before the nomadic Aryans ever reached anywhere near India!

Although Asvarkar feel that I fail to catch the purport of thy words yet I know that it must be savaroar. The advocates of Hindutva use the phrase ” pseudo-secularism ” to refer to policies which they believe are unduly favourable towards the Muslims and Christians.

Many a Kshatriya has by taking to agriculture and other occupations of life lost the respect due to a Kshatriya and were classed with some of the other castes; while many a brave man, in cases whole tribes, raised themselves to the position, the rights and titles of the Kshatriyas and were recognized as such.

According to Savarkar, Hindutva is meant to denote the Hindu characteristic, or Hinduness. As long as every other ‘ism’ has not disowned its special dogmas, which- 84 HINDUTVA ever tend into dangerous war cries, so long no cultural or national unit can afford to loosen the bonds, especially those of a common name and a common banner, that are the mighty sources of organic cohesion and strength.

The story of the civilization of a nation is the story of its thoughts, its actions and its achievements. Voice of India, Delhi The word Hindutva is widely used by all of them, but what does the term actually mean? So far we have not pinned our faith to any theory about the original home of the Aryans. If the holy land and Father land are different ones for the people living in India or for that matter for the people of any Nation, the allegiance of such groups is torn between these two extremes.