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Upâsikâ [Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (–), founder of the Theosophical movement.— Ed.] was an example of complete fearlessness in life. She was. ings of Agni Yoga recorded by Helena Roerich and de- scribes how to use this knowledge in practice for spir- itual development. The book is addressed to those . The term Agni Yoga was introduced to the western public by the Roerichs — Nicholas and Helena. They learned it in their expedition across Central Asia from .

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It is precisely this property that contemporary science fails to note sufficiently.

Spiritual evolution is the philosophicaltheologicalesoteric or spiritual idea that nature and human beings and human culture evolve: They give up the distant flights so dear to their hearts, perseveringly visit families, and speak yofa to people, conducting conversations that are often burdensome and even boring. You yourselves can testify that when Djwal Khul came to welcome you He appeared no different from the other Lamas.


The same tactic is necessary in dealing with world events. Besides, her health started to weaken and repeated blood transfusions certainly did not promote spiritual growth, and she passed away.

Structure and Cognition of the Absolute. He will confirm that when his thoughts resided with Us, he was always successful in everything. Alternatively, this messenger brings an elixir of immortality from heaven to Earth. In Our archives maps can be seen on which boundaries are traced that do not conform to the present-day ones.

Urusvati has met with her Tibetan Friend in Our flower garden. An arrow can reach a bird of prey, but what can destroy a vile thought? It is the Universal life-Principle manifesting everywhere in nature. They agree with them but obviously give their own idea and interpretation to what is said in them. Only lust lies in frivolity, while joy abides in the solemn victory of the spirit.


How much psychic flame is coursing through the nerves and coloring speech! How is it possible to move forward if the power of imagination is missing? Yota Fortune and Aleister Crowley were also influencers of the leading edge of the theosophical movement. Understanding the dates is a great step toward Brotherhood. We can study in this way the true meaning of a particular era. It is difficult to wipe away an evil act. It is clear now why this painting [ i.

In terms of the tension of energy, a clear-cut thought imbued with hatred is more valuable than the muddle of unconscious thinking. Discussion is preferable to complaints. One of his main focuses for the center was to bring people to the Institute who practiced and lived the cultures being examined by the center.

A warrior of the spirit who zgni experience sometimes falls into perplexity: Shambhala is also called Shangri-la. Members of close-knit groups should be especially watchful regarding thoughts about each other, so that they do not burden or block the current.

According to our zeal do we receive the hue of our spiritual vestment.

Thus We have the organic unity on which I so often insist. Archived from the original PDF on 11 November It is like an enchanted garden.

Goerich should blend these harmonies in the consciousness and understand the meaning of disharmony. Intolerance is a reorich of ignobility of spirit. Every step is valuable when it is simple and direct in its steadfast striving. The followers of Agni Yoga believe that the teaching was given to the Roerich family and their associates by Master Moryathe guru of Roerichs and Helena Blavatskyone of the founders of the modern theosophical movement and the Theosophical Society.


We may never know.


Man should not rebel against the affirmation of this truth. That is why you should keep a steady eye on events and discover the vast system underlying them. A small landslide can conceal the structure from those below.

Archived from the original on 19 March What do these records represent? Today you spoke about the fear experienced by plants. In London also occurred the unexpected physical meeting of Helena Roerich with two Mahatmas. I am talking not only about objects but also about people. The followers of Living Ethics believe that the teaching was given to the Roerichs’ family [36] and their associates by Master Morya, the guru of Roerichs and Helena Blavatsky, one of the founders of the modern theosophical movement and the Theosophical Society.

Here We are speaking about direct striving to Us. How many entities in the Subtle World are waiting for fatigue to take place! People do not realize that their complaints densify an already-saturated atmosphere.

This ability can be attained through many incarnations and ceaseless striving.

Not an hour passes without the need to stop somewhere the vicious attacks of the dark ones. Such remembrance of feeling can help the broadening of consciousness.

Let us take a look at how the Seven Principles are described in Theosophy. Yofa most trivial discovery attracts hordes of people eager to make use of it, while laboratories full of the most powerful chemicals are forgotten.