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Stroke. Aug;24(8) The Frenchay Activities Index. Assessment of functional status in stroke patients. Schuling J(1), de Haan R, Limburg M, Groenier. Items 6 – 13 Methods: The Frenchay Activities Index was tested in a group of stroke Conclusions: The Frenchay Activities Index is a useful stroke-specific. 1 Feb Frenchay Activities Index (FAI). • assesses frequency of performing Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL). • includes items that reflect the.

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The Frenchay Activities Index. Assessment of functional status in stroke patients.

The FAI was assessed as a functional predictor in the acute phase of stroke; thus, additional experiments are needed to measure the applicability of this index in other populations and as an outcome measure.

Test-retest reliability was measured in 1 Health Authority.

Social activities after stroke: Predicting survival for 1 year among different subtypes of stroke. The Frenchay Activities Index. There is no conflict of interest to declare. We have established preliminary age and sex norms that should be interpreted drenchay caution, given the low response rate. Its validity and inter-rater reliability have previously been established.

Validation of the Frenchay activity index on stroke victims

Previously-trained investigators applied the scales through structured interviews with the patient or family member, if the patient had aphasia or reduction in the imdex of consciousness, at the emergency, inpatient or stroke unit. Didn’t get the message? Their prestroke status was registered retrospectively. The univariable ordinal regression showed that the variables: Results from the Perth Community Stroke Study.


In the present study, conducted in a heterogeneous post-stroke population, we found the scale easy to use in its original form, used solely to identify the performance of individuals in instrumental activities prior to stroke, through the frequency with which the tasks were performed, with no possibility of ambiguous responses World Health Organization; The score ranges from 10 completely dependent to 50 independent and is classified as follows: Assessment of functional status in stroke patients.

It is described as a fast, easy-to-use, reliable and sensitive instrument to measure functionality before and after the stroke, but it is not yet validated in Brazil 89 The Frenchay Activities Index is a useful stroke-specific instrument to assess functional achivities.

The Frenchay Activities Index. Assessment of functional status in stroke patients. – PubMed – NCBI

Moreover, an association between the FAI and stroke severity on admission, has not been documented. The reliability of the instrument could be improved by deleting two items and by creating two subscale scores: Our results suggest good-to-excellent inter-rater reliability of the FAI as a measure of patient functionality prior to stroke.

Frenchqy P, Silman A. Validation of the Frenchay Activities Index in a general population aged 16 years and older. The FAI has high test-retest reliability. The Frenchay Activities Index was tested in a group of stroke patients and a group of unselected subjects aged 65 or older. Conclusions The FAI is a valid and useful method to assess instrumental activities before acute stroke in a Brazilian population.


Variations in functioning and disability in multiple sclerosis: Predictive validity was assessed by association between the FAI and NIHSS scores, sequentially applied in the period of hospital admission after the signs and symptoms of the acute event, from July to April Prevalence of stroke and related burden among older people living in Latin America, India and China. Responsiveness and validity of two outcome measures of instrumental activities of daily living in stroke survivors receiving rehabilitative therapies.

Published by Elsevier Inc. Reliability and validity of scores of a Chinese version of the Frenchay Activities Index. The sample comprised patients admitted to a public hospital in the city of Salvador, Brazil, with a diagnosis of stroke, who were frencha independent prior to stroke individuals with a modified Barthel Index equal to 50 and age above 18 years.

Keywords Frenchay Activities Index. October 07, ; Accepted: