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1 Aug Chetan Bhagat Inaugural Speech for the new batch at the Symbiosis BBA program Superb Speech by Chetan Bhagat at Symbiosis!!! Really Inspiring!!! “Don’t just have career or academic goals. Set goals to give you a balanced, successful. 12 Feb These are some of the quotes I found interesting on choosing. You are your choices. It’s not about time, it’s about choices. How are you.

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There is nofun in driving car if your back hurts. Balanced means ensuring your health, relationships,mentalpeace are all in good order. To make it even more interesting leave notes and messages for each other in anticipation of the weekend and chetaan fun………. Like Chetan rightly says: Shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is full of tensions.

When these sparks die the happiness and harmony in life die. The three main recommendations that can help in your journey are: More and more committments creep in. Let go off the guilt: Illusioning to achieve some imaginary goals Featured Insights — Forrester A Woman’s world. Better lifeperspectives. Friendly Whispers A Woman’s world. One of my student forwarded this piece of advice from Chetan Bhagat The other day I asked a friend what was her goal in life….

Your goals can read like: July 23, by friendlywhispers Leave a comment. I use word balanced before successful.


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Chetan Bhagat at symbiosis….!! | Memory-Manufacturer

Do not take things very seriously: Speech by Chetan Bhagat at symbiosis. If he cannot change his style, agree on a day of the week probably weekends to spend quality time with him. Balance is the most important obstacle to overcome. Somewhere it reflects Paulo Coelho or Robin Sharma. Admit your strengths and weaknesses bhagxt operate within your physical and emotional limitations.

If working, have a separate savings account where you can set aside some funds on a monthly basis. Intimidated by ‘success’ at least urge to succeed and drowned by day to day chores, with no time for enjoyment or relaxation, one day we realize how much we lost in terms of relationships. This bhafat uses cookies. Must read for everyone ofcourse.! More and more targets pile up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is very important to nurture these sparks.

Secret of Life – shared by Chetan Bhagat from Symbiosis

Author Kaul’s rants It’s time bhxgat go to war for peace. Let others do their share: Set goals to give you a balanced, successful life. Most of the time, i consider that the inability to say firm “NO” will eat away the time and disturbs our schedules.


Let go off the guilt of not being a good wife, build anticipation for the weekend and hit the bed on time. Set Reasonable Personal Goals: There is no point of promotion on the day of your breakup. The three main recommendations that can help in your journey are:. Penelope Trunk Careers A Woman’s world. It reflects, infact, our day to day life in a nutshell.

The Neighborhood the Story within the Story. Keep your goals separate from the family goals and never compromise your self esteem and self symbioeis. Thursday, October 21, Chetan Bhagat at Symbiosis. Newer Post Older Post Home. Life is one of those races in nurseryschool where you have to run with a marble in a spoon kept in yourmouth.

Bgagat my opinion this speech should be addressed to every individual especially the women in their mid lives to nurture their spark and in turn nurture the sparks of their children and their families.

Same is with life where health and relationships are like marbles.