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Carnes Lord, Aristotle’s Politics. Translated with an Introduction, Notes and Glossary. Second edition (first edition published ). Chicago; London: University. THE POLITICS. CARNES LORD: Aristotle, The Politics, translated with a tion, Notes and Glossary. Pp. ; 2 maps. Chicago a. University of Chicago Press. in politics. For all practical purposes, Aristotle’s political writings are addressed CARNES. LORD this class who are also statesmen or legislators. Aristotle’s.

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The Rule of the Best versus the Rule of Law: Sign in Create an account. Science Logic and Mathematics. Stephen Salkever – – Political Theory 35 1: And if one looked at the amount of scholarship focusing on Aristotle’s Politics between the release of the first carhes and the second, aaristotle would notice a relative boom in journal articles, book chapters, and whole books on the subject.

But this note really does not provide the reader with an explanation of why “rule of the powerful” is a better translation than “dynasty”.

Aristotle’s “Politics”: Second Edition

All of these changes leave much less marginal space for annotations. Nowhere does Lord in the second edition give the reader an explanation why he shifted from the words he used in the first edition to the new words he uses in the second. Ross – – The Classical Review 47 No keywords specified fix it.

Request removal from index. Translated with an Introduction, Notes and Glossary. Property versus Education as a Unifying Force V. Nature versus Justice III.


Many who agreed with the need for literal translation from the Greek were unhappy because they thought that what Lord ultimately produced was Hellenized English jargon rather than contemporary English.

It could likewise be said there has been a boom in translations, either of individual sections or books, or of the whole of the Politics.

Poetics and Politics in Aristotle Carnes Lord: What should be avoided is making what is difficult or problematic in the Greek appear clearer and non-problematic in the English.

Virtue and Music IX. Reviewed by Clifford Angell Bates, Jr. Aristotle – – Clarendon Press. The partnership arising from [the union of] several villages that is complete is the city. The Kinds of Constitutions: History of Western Philosophy. Further enhancing this new edition is an up-to-date selected bibliography. Sign in to use this feature. University of North Carolina Press.

Others, however, will be disappointed by many of the points that I raise above and perhaps others things that this review may have overlooked. Asymmetries, Epistemological and Ethical II. Events in Politics and Current Events. You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores. History and Classic Works. Some scholarly readers would like to know the rationale behind the changes in terms: In the first edition, Lord uses the term “dynasty” for the Greek term see Lord Faction in General IV.

In my scanning of the second edition, however, I could not find any use of “presupposition”. From the Preface to Politics to Politics Itself 3. Twitter Facebook Youtube Tumblr. Perhaps it is a move towards more political language than the more generic language that marked Lord’s first edition. The Character and Composition of Aristotle’s Politics. The Basic Works of Aristotle. Slavery and the Will to Power I.


Bryn Mawr Classical Review

This led others to attempt a more readable translation: In the second caarnes, the passage reads Lord1: The substance and number of notes in this second edition have increased from the first, reflecting changes in how certain passages can be understood based on recent scholarship. Since we see that every city is some sort of community, and that every community is constituted for the sake of some good for everyone does everything for the sake of what is held to be goodit is clear that all communities aim at some good, and poliics community that is most authoritative of all and embraces all the others does so particularly, and aims at the most authoritative good of all.

The Loeb Edition of the Politics Aristotle: The University of Chicago Press released the second politis of Carnes Lord’s translation of Aristotle’s Politics one year short of the thirtieth anniversary of the release of the first edition in Another change from the first to the second is in the handling of the term eunomia. The older politicd employed bolder fonts which made for a more emphatic look.

Courting the Abyss John Durham Peters.