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Brother, it ain’t all bad. What’s Europe done for us, after all? Dragged us unto not one but twoworld wars? Inflicted on us murderous political philosophies from. Tom Kratman is a U.S. science fiction author and retired United States Army officer. Big Boys Don’t Cry (novella; , ); A State of Disobedience ( December ) (ISBN ); Caliphate (April ) (ISBN ). Caliphate was written by Tom Kratman, the same author of the Carrera’s Legions series. As such, it was charged with political intrigue and posits a dystopic and.

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Customer Ratings for Caliphate. The point was made in the story If you’re not a Muslim, and you are European, read it. Caliphate is one of a series of science-fiction novels by Tom Kratman — the others are A Desert Called PeaceCarnifexand The Lotus Eaters — that detail the downfall of Old Earth and the rise of a new civilization on Nova Terra, a world accidentally discovered by a space probe that fell through a rent in spacetime that no one had realized was there, and returned back to Earth to report that a startlingly Earthlike world existed beyond the rift, perfect for colonization by Earth’s teeming billions.

Those who are concerned about the current flood of “Syrian” refugees being predominantly single and male may be missing the point of the danger they represent. They deal with other Spanish speakers. Kratman’s novel Caliphate explores the future of Europe as a Muslin-dominated society, its Christian population relegated to second-class calipate.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Kratman met his wife in Panama, and has four children and three grandchildren. Want to Read saving…. I see Yugoslavia in our future and I am not enthused. That being said, if you’re willing to suspend disbelief in the scenario, and willing to assume that all Muslims Okay.

The European calipahte of today are presented as clueless and weak and the Americans are gung ho strong soldiers. While the plot and the future depicted were very compelling, I couldn’t bring myself to keep reading once I realized graphic descriptions of perverted kartman rape, pedophilia, etc. She discovers she’s not entitled to America, to all that America has to offer and to the freedoms she long took for granted.


Just think a little bit about Mayans, Aztecs, Mongols and other ancient nations – they all had slaves, right? She spoke German primarily and very little Turkish. First Time in Paperback. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Assume, not unreasonably, that culturally European birth rates continue to hover around a low of cqliphate.

Petra, a German girl sold into prostitution at age nine to pay her family’s yizyalongs to escape. I was also particularly interested in the various quotes by religous and political leaders that began each chapter. Although well written from an action point of view, the entire scenario is implausible.

As of this writing 11 September, Brussels is the capital of the European Union. After being elected in a campaign whose entire focus is “we’re gonna get them” the “them” later proving to have a rather broad definition the new president launches nuclear missiles at most of Islam’s holy cities.

This biography of a living person relies too much on references to primary sources. Yet there is no reason to believe that the mere fact of discomfort, even when they caliphwte with their feet, will take away the leftist, ca,iphate, Tranzi views that robbed them of their own homelands in the first place.

Jan 16, Jen Moore rated it liked it. They are denied arms, denied civil rights, denied a voice, and specially taxed via the Koranic yizya.

Sign up for a new account. And in her only real possession, her grandmother’s diary, a diary detailing the fall of European civilization, Petra has learned of a magic place across the sea: Refresh and try again. It krahman compelling, incredibly depressing, somewhat twisted and ultimately just an incredibly good read – a book I finished in one afternoon.


As a person on the left – the level of criticism the left will tolerate is abysmal. Lists with This Book. I agree with author on some of the points – especially “white man is plague” talk – I mean come on, do you think that all those indigenous people tlm so bloody peaceful?

STOP reading anti-European, racist, leftist cant.

Caliphate Afterword – Tom Kratman

They are denied arms, denied civil rights, denied a voice, and specially taxed via the Koranic yizya. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For which reason, if the whole world were ever to become Islamicized, technological kratnan scientific progress is likely to come to a halt, perhaps forever. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rather, it shows that something considerably less than a majority is required to rule a political entity. This is their nature. There, members of the U. This applies to both the left and the right. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Caliphate by Tom Kratman. Jan 15, Kelly rated it did not like it. So the problem, if not quite the same, is similarly existential. What if the non-immigrant, marrying the immigrant, is an unassimilated Arab, marrying his first or second cousin imported from Algeria for the purpose? This is probably as good a time as any to say that most Moslems in Europe today are not nuts.

Caliphate by Tom Kratman

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