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12 Sep David Aaker discusses 10 guidelines for the creation of effective brand portfolio strategies from his most recent book, Brand Portfolio Strategy. Brand Portfolio Strategy has ratings and 5 reviews. Danny said: David Aaker explica las estrategias para manejar carteras de marcas en empresas que p. In my forthcoming book, Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success, I have a section on brand portfolio strategy that discusses the concepts and.

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The relationships strstegy brands were particularly important in defining new and transitioning business arenas, while the umbrella Intel Inside brand provided an essential synergetic force in the portfolio. Will the market area really develop in a reasonable time — or is it like the checkless society that took a half-century to get traction, or much of the dot. David Aaker explica las estrategias para manejar carteras de marcas en empresas que poseen una cartera de productos amplia.

Brand Portfolio Strategy : Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity

Identify the strategic brands that will play a driver role in supporting major businesses or product platforms in the future. The remaining roles — branded differentiators, covered in Chapter 4, and brand alliances, the subject of Chapter 6 — are worth introducing here in order to complete this overview of brand portfolio strategy.

In Part II of the book, the use of brand portfolios to help create relevance, differentiation, and energy is presented. The only concern should be making the offering clear and appealing from the customer perspective. Branded differentiators can be developed and actively managed over time. A must-have and -read for any marketeer or entrepreneur of a product brand.

Brand Media Strategy A. Brand Hierarchy Trees The logic of the brand structure can sometimes be captured by a brand hierarchy or family tree, as illustrated in Figures and Purple Cow Seth Godin.


One objective of a brand portfolio is to leverage brand assets by extending strong brands whose associations will travel across product categories. It can also enhance not only the co-branded offering but the associations of both brands. The Brand Gap Marty Neumeier. Looking for beautiful books? Still another role of portfolio graphics is to visually denote the brand portfolio structure. Others, like Audi, have a wide umbrella under a single product category.

A driver role reflects the degree to which a brand drives the purchase decision and defines the use experience.

The Pentium brand would thus have more time to repay its investment, and a new-generation impact could aakr reserved for a time in which the advance was more substantial.

Brand portfolio strategy is defined in the next section, after which its five components and the portfolio objectives are described. It is not enough to have the best players; a team must have the players that fit its strategy. In particular, the use of brands in different contexts should enhance the visibility of the brands, create and reinforce associations, and lead to cost efficiencies in part by creating scale economies in communication programs.

It has a master brand Bosea subbrand QuietComfortand a branded differentiator TriPort headphone technology. First, are there too many or too few brands, given the market environment and the practical realities of supporting brands?

Brand Portfolio Strategy: Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity

Some master brands like A-1 Steak Sauce are very focused, often because they are tied to a product category and expansion would dilute the brand. In the fall ofIntel was ready to announce the successor to the chip in the face of increasing competitor confusion, even given the Intel Inside campaign. To achieve this goal, an ongoing effort to review and refine is usually needed.

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Two others, product-defining roles and portfolio roles, specify the varied set of roles that each brand could potentially play. How are the major brands linked?

Brand Portfolio Portfoliio The goals of the portfolio are qualitatively different from the goals of individual brand identities and positions.

Brand Relevance David A. A current power brand or megabrand now generates significant sales and profits and pirtfolio not a candidate for cash cow status.

Chapters 7 and 8 will discuss the brand portfolio as a device to enable growth. Eliminate brands that have no role and relegate a brand to descriptor status if it is not getting traction or failing to play a driver role.

10 Steps to A Successful Brand Portfolio Strategy | Prophet Thinking

The online availability and accessibility of products has commoditized almost every offering or service imaginable. Another role of portfolio graphics is to signal the separation of two brands or contexts. The Psychology of Selling Brian Tracy. Storytelling with Data Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic.

Brand Portfolio Strategy by David A. Aaker @ – Markenwissen von A bis Z!

In the figure, some major brands that affect Nike are shown. Portfolio Graphics Portfolio graphics are the pattern of brand visual representations across brands and across brand contexts. Most firms face multiple segments, new product opportunities, varied competitor types, powerful and disparate channels, reduced differentiation everywhere, and cluttered communication avenues. The approach could be expanded. On the other hand, the market would not support developing yet another standalone brand alongside Intel Inside and Pentium.