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D., Ding, D., Sallis, J. F., Kerr, J., Norman, G. J., Durant, N., & Saelens, B. E. et al. Resolution betreffend Nô Bauordnung und Nô Bautechnikverordnung . Teil 11 Nr. /, 21/08/ page Verordnung der Landesregierung fiber eine Anderung der Bautechnikverordnung ref: LGBI no 64/ Nov. S Nr. 59/ 08 29 (aufgehoben) – 08 Verordnung der 01 15 – 02 NÖ Bautechnikverordnung (NÖ BTV ).

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There is an increasing number of existing, old and even historical build- ings where the refurbish- ment is based on passive house principles. For this reason, we have created this brochure. Lang Consulting Building owner: Roof concrete structure coffwi4ype 3 Glass wool board 4 Roof cs.

With annual heating energy savings ofkwh it Is possible to save approx 27, EUR, based on an estimated energy price of 0 06 EUR per kwh. S I heating oil or 1.

Unfortunately, the air change rate cannot be dosed exact- ly by means of natural window ven- tilation. The psi values has. And the ventilation system — complete with heat recovery — takes care of fresh air supply and heat distribution.

With a built-in conservatory the living room doors need to remain shut. The extent of refurbish- ment largely depends on the form of the building. Rool cwenng made of sheet metal – – – 2.

And very economi- cal at that: In just under a year, the future- oriented project “Passive house disc” could be realized. Average demand of fresh air: Going easy on the building fabric by implementing the passive house standard assures a longer useful life and less repair work. Higher quality of life, lower consumption of energy. XPS socle insulation 0. The proectlng wing of the unassuming building was dad with a horizontal larch- wood panelling while a smooth metal facade lends its character to the recessed part of the building.


To achieve maximum tightness for the interfaces between wall construction and concrete members, joint sealing tubes developed by ISO VER in Sweden were used. That’s why we have created this brochure. Penetrations of the building enve- lope by utility pipes, windows and doors are unavoidable.

The collector area required to cover this demand is normally between 1. The following measures were taken to produce a new thermal envelope: XPS insulation, 2-layered 0. This value is deemed to be the maximum possible irradiation on a cloudless day and at the same time serves as a base and reference value for all calculations. Realization of balconies and conservatories The Possibilities Model examples can be found anywhere.

A constant level of fresh air, quiet and comfort. The sdution below shows how the airtight layer is designed when connecting a rafter roof to a massive wall in conjunction with a wooden joist floor as topmost floor slab.

The detail drawing below shows how It Is possible to reduce the thefmai budge effect of patty walls that have a connection bautechniverordnung the roof area.

The planning CD with construction examples. Show product preview PDF paper Dimensioning of solar hot water systems. Since it is not capillary active, it turned out to be the safest so4ution. A corn- pact ventilation unit the size of a fridge is totally sufficient to steadily supply all rooms with fresh air and heat while at the same time removing the consumed air.

bautechnik verordnung wien pdf file – PDF Files

Buildings that incorporate passive house technology are more than just pleasant to live in. In the winter months and transitional periods, the supplied energy is always sufficient to preheat the domestic water.

One-family house in Pettenbach, Upper Bautechnukverordnung. Roof structure from the inside out Connection massive outer wall to rafter roof rp-ornt la,cr d n m I Gypssiniplaslceboard,2s 0, 2 AIr layen inwjlatbon 0.


Roof bordlng – – – – – 6.

bautechnik verordnung wien pdf download

Not so with cavi- ties of more than 5 mm width. Building construction 2 – Catalogue for acoustic properties of building products. To prevent that heat is transmitted via the foundation or the ice wall, the foundation should be decou- pled from the bottom slab. When connecting the windowsill, the positioning of the frame in the insulation layer helps to reduce thermal bndge bautecynikverordnung in connection with the special window frame.

ISOVER VARIO system packages leave no gap or wish un ful filled Besides high-performance protection against air and moisture, they offer good workability, Other benefits for the user include high quality, easy cutting to size and rapid bonding. Home About standards What are Standards Finding standards Actively shaping standards Shaping standards internationally Benefits of standards Your partner for the development of standards.

To ensure best air quality and ideal room temperature in the Austrian secondary school Klaus. After a first check had detected an insufficient level of airtightness in the areas of roof, dormers and windows, improvements were made In baitechnikverordnung course to ensure optimum results.

It combines a high level of thermal insulation with increased tire prevention At the same time, it offers enhanced sound insulation comfort. The traditional beams of the barn were retained as facade elements.

XPS thermal insulation, 2-layered 0. Consultancy, education and research for the rational use of energy and renewable energy carriers, www. In view of this, its no wonder that the passive house standard Is well able to resist both Aipine frost and Sicilian heaL Simply feel well. And what is more: