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O how holy, how serene, how kind, how pleasant the virgin is believed to be! His third book of madrigals, for six voicesappears to be the earliest collection of the actual repertory of this ensemble.

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O how holy, how serene, how kind, how pleasant the virgin is believed to be! Ave gemma coeli luminarium. Agostini was on good terms with many members of the aristocracy, as well as the famous poets Tasso and Guariniand other musicians at the court, including Luzzasco Luzzaschithe most famous of the Ferrarese madrigalists.

External Links Catholic classic books Catechism of St. In qua per spiritum facta paraclitum fulsit foecunditas.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lodovico Agostini — September 20, was an Italian composer, singer, priest, and scholar of the late Renaissance. He was the illegitimate son of Agostino Agostinia singer and priest of Ferrara mostly active in the s.

Lest we through our fault, in the tearful judgment suffer punishment. Per quam servitus finitur, posta coeli aperitur, et libertas redditur. Amen dicat omnis homo.

Life He was born in Ferraraand spent most of his life there. Hail, hope of the world, Mary, hail, meek one, hail, loving one, hail, full of grace.

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Such entries will be deleted. Table of Contents on vae important posts Table of Contents. Ave virginum lucerna, per quam fulsit lux superna his quos umbra tenuit.

Agostini died inand in Alfonso died and Ferrara was absorbed into the Papal Stateseffectively ending the musical experimentation there.

Endeavoring Catholic Perfection: Ave Mundi Spes Maria

Furthermore, if we accept them as evidence of some sort of collective diversion, how are they intended to amuse — are they humorous or cerebral, or both? In some ways the scene at Ferrara was reminiscent of the activity at Avignon in the late 14th century, which produced a musical style known as the ars subtilior ; indeed the Ferrarese scene is reminiscent of certain 20th and 21st century movements.

He was a close associate of the Ferrara Estense court, and one of the most skilled representatives of the progressive secular style which developed there at the end of the 16th century. Cujus fructus nostri luctus relaxavit vincula. Hail, hope of the world, Mary, hail, meek one, hail, loving one, hail, full of grace Hail O singular virgin, who wast chosen to not suffer flames through brambles Hail, beautiful rose, hail, staff of Jesse: Agostini was fond of musical enigmas, puzzles, surprise and double-entendre, and his many musical collections display this.

Battle of the Gods FarmVille. In andthe Ferrarese cleric-musician Don Lodovico Agostini published two books each containing, amongst other pieces, a group of madrigals cryptically notated as musical puzzles, advertised as enigmi musicali on their title pages.

Enigmi musicali and L’echo, et enigmi musicali are canons to be solved by riddles, [1] full of unusual chromatic progressions, instrumental interpolations, and other musical curiosities. Agostini’s enigmi musicali are secular, polyphonic vocal works, but they cannot be classed simply as madrigals, nor are they representative of so-called lighter genres of villanelle or canzonette. John of the Cross. It is the multitude nevertheless, who tremble not.


While no liturgical music by Agostini has survived none may have been writtenone of his last compositions is Le lagrime del peccatore, a setting of poems by Luigi Tansilloas a set of madrigali spirituali ; it is similar in intent, if not in musical means, to the set Lagrime di San Pietro by Orlando di Lassoalso based on poems by Tansillo.

Ave mundi spes Maria (Gregorian Chant)

O, lily of chastity, pray to thy son, who is the salvation of the humble: Matt I-X Download V. There is only a small number of just, which operates apart its salvation, with fear and trembling; all the rest are tranquil.

Canons and canonic techniques, 14thth centuries: In the s he was a composition teacher to the Duke sppartito MantuaGuglielmo Gonzaga ; Agostini dedicated a book of madrigals to him. In qua per spiritum facta paraclitum fulsit foecunditas. Ave Sancti Spiritus mundu. Ave mundi spes Maria, ave mitis, ave pia, ave plena gratia.

Some of his books of madrigals are written in a virtuoso singing style obviously intended for the three current members of the concerto di donne Laura PeveraraAnna Guariniand Livia d’Arco.