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This Project “Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter using Microcontroller AT89S52 continuously monitor the Infrared Receivers, When any . AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR Microcontroller AT89S52 continuously monitor the Infrared Receivers, When any . Implementation of Automatic Room Light. Controller with Visitor Counter Design using . a) AT89S52 MICROCONTROLLER. It is a low-power.

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I counteg to replicate the circuit of the transmitter and receiver on a bread board using the given components. And take an example of a big seminar hall. And following are the important modules in this project:. And if there insufficient sunlight in the room then only the relay will be turned on so as to turn on the bulb.

You will get all documents after purchasing the project. I have a doubt. We will provide a bulb holder to connect AC bulb. And counter will decrement if second sensor is interuppted first and then first sensor.

Automatic Room light Controller & Person Counter

Enhancement added to this project: Then Microcontroller increments or decrements the counter. As per the current functionality of the project, lights will be turned on when there is one or more than one person in room. When the number of persons inside the room is zero, lights inside the room are turned off using a relay interface.

We have used 12 volt relay. Yes, IR sensors detect the direction. Hello sir I am a 9th foom student and was also thinking of this type of project onlyso I thought to check out that whether it is designed earlier or not this project is very helpful for me and I wanted to ask you that should i use this project to present in the automatuc project exhibition or competition???


This circuit proves to be helpful. How to check if IR sensor is working or not? Counter will increment if controoler sensor is interrupted first and then second sensor. Main advantage of this project is that it helps in energy conservation. And this sensor does not recognize the number of person.

Hi Guys very useful content. IR Sensor Module Circuit. Please refer to description and image given in the project details section above. This lighh count will be incremented if somebody enters in the room and at that time lights are turned on.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Yes, ciunter can ship this project to Malaysia. What is the use of buzzer in this project… Answer: And this pulse will be given to microcontroller for further processing.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)

This is the CPU central processing unit of our project. Initially first sensor will be activated and later second sensor will be activated.

Then Microcontroller will increment the count. These details are mentioned in the project report. I am facing the same problem on my project.

Doubt concerning the placement of IR sensor in the door frame. In such cases the counter will not be incremented. To avoid this situation, sensors should be placed at the higher level from ground. Output of IC is given to the Darlington circuit. Since this project uses 2 infrared sensors, it can be used as Bidirectional person counter as well.


Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)

Extra shipping charges are applicable for delivery out of India. When person enters room then sensor sequence will be as below: How does this system operates during bed time, because it is an automatic system and there has been a counted number of persons in a room already.

If yes then are programming for counters and for LCD Displaying separately? Hi mbavu, yes this is feasible.

Can the IR sensors detect obstructions only, not the direction? Advantages of the project: Can u suggest any other sensors which will detect only human being or human body?

Relay provides at89z52 from the Microcontroller circuit. The microcontroller does the function of Reading the digital input from two infrared receivers and calculates the number of persons from them. Because when there is nobody inside the room then lights are automatically turned off.

And the third terminal of potentiometer RV is left open. And if you want to operate this project on regulated DC supply then you can remove transformer and you can directly give 9 volts supply.

And room light is turned off once the count becomes zero. Can we get volt as output of the relay because here in Canada we have lights works in volt?