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Sadhu excerpts taken from Baba Rampuri’s classic autobiographical novel, Autobiography of a Sadhu, insider’s account of the Naga Babas wisdom tradition. Autobiography of a Sadhu has ratings and 19 reviews. Adriana said: Magic happens where worlds meet, as Baba Rampuri is fond of saying in his masterfu. In the late s, an American teen did what so many of us only fantasized about : he traveled to India in search of a guru who could show him the path to.

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An example given is of an enlightened soul that c Autobiograpgy enjoyed reading this book and found it light to read. Return to Book Page. He tells tales of the naked babas. He becomes a naked baba. Philip rated it really liked it Jul 10, Not that it was my personal private dream, but a believable movie reasonably constructed from the group psyche.

Never thought a autobiography can be so thrilling to read! This is an amazing book I would say. It goes a lot deeper than that and I feel that this is what Rampuri is hinting at in more than one occasion in this excellent book. Archived from the original gampuri June 20, Kundalini … chapter 16 Kundalini I was practicing—meditating.

Baba Rampuri – Wikipedia

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 17mm Initiation by the Five Gurus A small troop of children followed me to a shaded area in saadhu rocks where the barber would practice his art on my sadhk as I considered my options.

Leaving the pink city of Jaipur, the bus entered the scrub desert heading north on the Bikaner Road, negotiating right-of-way with camel caravans, […].


Banished … autibiography 13 Banished …. Rampuri became a disciple of a Naga Baba–a master shaman sadhu–from Rajasthan and, as foretold by astrological prophecy, soon found himself the first foreigner to become an initiate of the Juna Akhara, the oldest and largest grouping of Naga Babas with more than 50, sadhu members.

Autobiography of a Sadhu: It tamed the wild profusion of things, using the sights, sounds, and faces of India as its raw material. He had to win a debate with Madana Mishra, and it was said that the gods themselves would come to hear Madana Mishra and even they would learn a thing or two.

Autobiography of a Sadhu: Gangotri Baba I crisscrossed India visiting temples and babas during a year of wanderlust that finally deposited me at the dhuni of Ganga Giri Baba, known as Gangotri Baba, in the Kumaun Himalayas, near the eastern […].

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. New York Other Courts Decisions:: From my personal point of view I would have loved some more depth around nadis.

It was comforting this dream, cushioned, as it […]. There are hundreds of millions of them. By doing this we ultimately undermine the essence of the teaching.

Autobiography of a Sadhu Excerpts

I would say the word kundalini […]. This includes airports, crossroads, the seashore, graveyards, hospitals, and temples but the places where the Ordinary World meets the Ny World requires pilgrimage, either internal or external.

A yogi and teacher who gives workshops and retreats around the world, he established the Hari Puri Ashram, in Hardwar in northern India inwhere he continues the oral tradition of his lineage. The Signet Ring … from ramuri 6 Time is merely an illusory stage on which the theater of repetition is performed.


One million people spread out before my eyes. A very well-written and entertaining book. Foreigner Amar Puri knew that the threat was very real, so he called a few sadhus in for consultation.

I would imagine, visualize, as they say, my true self, my inner self, as a shining light, pure emptiness, or pure consciousness whatever that might be. I heard of sadhus performing great austerities, acquiring superhuman powers, called siddhis, attaining great […]. Views Read Edit View history. This sutobiography occasion lasted rampuro about a week, where I shared a tent, the brahm Very subjective rating, since I was in India in and met an Australian and an American, the latter rampurri was the disciple of a baba.

He takes us into what it is to become a baba, and the initial resistance he faces by his fellow renunciates for being a foreigner. An excellent view of Indian mysticism from an American perspective. This man had an opportunity to tell us of the day to day lives of babas, tell us about great happenings in detail, and he absolutely glossed over everything. The sky, which broadcasts […].

In the late s, an American teen did what so many of us only fantasized about: Marcus rated it liked it Nov 16, Who was the I who was renouncing?