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The courses by ASSIMIL are the same used by my grandfather to study languages years ago. But they are still excellent courses. Listen to the CD’s while. Assimil-Il Nuovo Inglese Senza Sforzo Corso Assimil Inglese Avanzato English Please Assimil francese pdf. 4 CD audio) + Perfezionamento del francese. Il Corso Completo di Inglese English for Italians fornisce gli strumenti che permettono di cominciare a parlare fin dalle prime lezioni.

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I think that if you found a way to develope it in the way that Rosetta Stone is commercially sold, you would really have something amazing.

I will upgrade as soon as I have enough time – I really want to improve my English and your way is just great – thanks a lot. Le ho detto che parlavo fluentemente lo spagnolo ma che sfortunatamento l’ho imparato utilizzando la via che stava per fare anche lei.

I joined LingQ in the summer ofand I found significant improvement after only a few months, especially assiil my reading and listening. By the way, I thought you might like to hear that I have recently started doing pretty much all of my Spanish studies through LingQ simply because it works so well for me.

English for Italians | Corso Completo di Inglese in Download

From 13 to 17 I had another English course in parallel to the school one, with 3 more hours a week. What I found most astonishing was that I ingleze not achieve this by memorising the lines from some phrase books, but the conversations came out quite naturally from my mouth.


Ho appena finito di leggere il tuo libro, The Way assumil the Linguist, e devo dire che l’ho trovato di grande ispirazione.

My mission is to unlock people’s potential to speak French! Now I write tech papers, and not only have them accepted for publishing, but praised because they are well-written.


I’m also learning Russian, and I wanted to tell you that I would really love to see you “explain your website” in Russian. I ended the interview very happy and proud of myself. E fortunatamente questo intero processo richiede davvero pochissimo sforzo da adsimil dello studente.

I adapt to my clients, their needs, their problems most of my clients have studied for several years in traditional schools before coming to me.

I’m sure you get a thousand of these a day but I would just like to say I really appreciate your knowledge and passion for languages. Here is how I use LingQ.

Jayme Becerra Frankfort, Illinois. I didn’t expect that much. I am allowing myself to write you in French since I heard your radio interview and your French is impeccable! I had not touched the language for almost 15 years, until the summer ofwhen I decided to pick it up again. This year, I imglese Toeic avanzafo the first time in seven years.

Sto pensando di imparare altre lingue in futuro mediante LingQ.


LingQ reviews and testimonials – See what our users are saying

Offrivano una promozione con un codice sconto per un abbonamento di 6 mesi. Your blog and the LingQ method are inestimable resources. But it never happened… my English was barely enough to read technical papers that I needed for my professional developement. The time just went by so fast.

Volevo solo dirvi che adoro questo programma! I was able to answer most of the questions without any study of grammar at all.

This kind of progress has eluded me in the past. Peccato che non ci sia una classe LingQ a scuola. Ecco quello che i nostri membri hanno detto sul loro rapporto con LingQ. I was also very happy to find myself being able to exchange a few lines with the Francophones over there.

It was easy, fast, enjoyable. A special “thank you” inglesf you, Steve, who is the responsible for bringing this wonderful learning tool called LingQ into reality! E’ un ottima sistemazione per me e la mia media scolastica ora come ora ma, generalmente parlando, penso che questo dimostri quanto siano inutili aassimil corsi! Then I came across the Linguist now LingQ and decided to join.