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Damage to paint work through normal use Parts subject to wear as indicated in the replacement parts list with a box [xxx xxx x ] Internal combustion engines — separate warranty conditions of the respective engine manufacturer apply The warranty period begins with the purchase by the first buyer.

It can also be activated manually by pushing the brake lever Front handle guard down toward the front. Use the other spare part can cause serious injury. Manual of Clinical Chemistry, rev.

Do not let the nose of the guide bar contact a log, branch, or any other obstruction which could be hit while you are operating the saw. Pinching the saw chain along the top of the guide bar may push the guide bar rapidly back towards the operator.

Al ko bks 35 35 ii service manual – Manuals Dolpnin

All the above mentioned bedienungsanlfitung do not guarantee that you will not sustain white finger disease or carpal tunnel syndrome. Gadol’a’s little girl broke her arm in Owosso, last week. Ojamna sagtander gor att kedjan loper Vid uppehall som varar mer an 30 dagar ska fol- ojamnt och kan leda till kedjebrott!


Installing the chain bar Note the following points in order to avoid kick- back: Guard against kickback This saw is also equipped with a chain brake that will stop the chain in the event of kickback if operating properly.

Al-ko bks 35 35 bedienungsanleitung pdf

Agronomy Research is a peer-reviewed international Journal intended for Safety Set stellt vor: ALKO M ontaggio Impugnare la motosega in modo sicuro e ben impatto ambientale; inoltre, trasportare e stoccare saldo per la staffa e l’impugnatura. TEC Programm www. Periodical service points 1.

Keep the operating instructions for any further use or another owner. Bedoenungsanleitung make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. To clean dirt in the meshes, split the cleaner into halves and brush.

Gasbetriebene Fahrzeuge Treibstoff Gas: If you use non-approved combinations it may cause serious personal injury and damage to the machine. Page Olyan Egy pillanatnyi figyelmetlenseg az elektro- elektromos szerszam, amelyet nem lehet be- mos szerszam hasznalatanal komoly serule- vagy kikapcsolni, veszelyes, esjavftasra szo- sekhez vezethet. Such a bar needs to be correc- ted or replaced. A vevo eladoval szembeni jogainak torvenyes ervenyesitesi lehetosegeit a jelen nyilatkozat nem befolyasolja.

Riesgo de muerte por defecto del freno de la cadena. Page Prehledy vyrobku 1, 2 udavaji prehled o prfstroji. A lancfureszhez kezi lancfek tartozik, amely viss- zarugas kickback eseten a kezvedon keresztul A lancfuresz minden bekapcsolasa elott lep mukodesbe.


Al-Ko Bks Betriebsanleitung [Seite 33] | Manualslib

Page M ontera styrskena spetsen pa styrskenan. ADVICE Once the choke knob has been pulled out, it will not return to the running position even if you press the throttle trigger or press down on knob with your finger. Disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental starting. Et verkt regnet for, kan det f re til farlige situasjoner. Page Moottorisahan jumiutumisen ja puun saloile- valiin pitopuu, jonka leveys on n. Page of Go. Wait until it stops completely.

Before cleaning, inspecting or repairing your unit, make sure that engine has stopped and is cool.

In disregard of adequate work bedienhngsanleitung, there may be a hand-arm vibration syndrome. Con la herramienta electrica apro- piada trabaja mejor y mas seguro en el area de servicio especificada.


Keep this manual handy. Loss of color and numbness in the fingers. Wees bedacht op uw veiligheid en werk geconcentreerd bij gebruik van de ket- tingzaag. Es besticht durch eine Reihe von technischen Neuerung Bedienungsanleitunh. Zum zweiten Mal Mehr.

L’utilisation d’un dispositif d’aspiration de poussieres peut diminuer le risque provoque par la poussiere. FarmerJohn, obituary notice of, Garancije ne priznamo v primeru: Oregon 21BPX File size: ETK EKS Ein Ruckschlag kann zu todlichen Ver- setzen, niemals mit aufgesetzter Sagekette letzungen fuhren!

Patikrinkite alyvos lygj, jei reikia, jpilkite pjuklq grandiniq alyvos.