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28 Mar Can we talk! (arms on hips) I am staring at E and wondering “should we do this?” on a new project that is very important to our firm. 11 Mar The Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit Document E was developed by the American Institute of Architects in and is an. 14 Jun When working with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, contract documents concerning the development and usage of the actual.

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Problem is they also tell you that they want an Autocad version of their record drawings done in their standard. If an organization has established BIM standards, the BIM standards document can be referenced at this point and attached to the contract documents.

I have also been reviewing the E lately and I have found one major discrepancy and that is the definition of “LOD”. LOD e2202 Essentially the equivalent of conceptual designthe model would consist of overall building massing and the downstream users are authorized to perform whole building types of analysis volume, building orientation, cost per square foot, etc.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We’re not using the LoD at all because it does not really address the milestones or deliverables? One of my clients is already half-way aiw the building construction and now have his aaia asking him to quote for an As-Built BIM Model to be produced after completion of the building via Laser to BIM approach.

LOD is the pound Gorilla I have already found, but I suspect there are a lot of pound gorillas hiding the bushes, er Who’s the big client with the BIM requirements?


You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have had many conversations with aiia BIM Specialists as well as project team leaders using it as a basis for development of BIM Management Plans; however, it has not yet become a formal addendum to any of our project contracts.

The E was aka developed 4 years ago. Most Those elements which the laser scan does not touch will be an no greater LOD than they were during construction. These two categories are then combined in a matrix for each phase of the project, corresponding to model element assemblies in the Model Element Table described in greater detail below.

BIM Standards with the AIA® E | Applying Technology to Architecture

LOD – This level of development is considered to be suitable for fabrication and assembly. Level of Development There are 5 basic levels of development which do not reflect specific modeling guidelines for any particular software, rather a generic definition of model content and, more importantly, authorized uses of the model for the respective LOD: File naming Family naming Level of detail expected in families Parameter naming and format View naming and what is show in the view Workset naming and what is included in the workset File linking methods for various file types Exporting methods Text, dimension, and other annotation standards Project units Lineweights Line Patterns Detailing process The above standards information should be part of any organization that utilizes BIM technology.

Some people use these r202 however personally I think e2022 are 2 very different meanings and should require 2 separate definitions. I have previously blogged about the Level of Development portion and its impact, but there is another aspect of the document which is also very important.


Notify me of new comments zia email. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I forgot to mention that we post informative articles about our documetns including the BIM Addendum, which you can find here http: For a description of the difference between Level of Development and Level of Detail look at this blog post: Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

ConsensusDOCS contracts protect the best interests aiaa the project rather than a singular party, yielding better project results and fewer disputes. I thought it was Level of Detail.

This is something that is being thrown around in our office. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is imperative that careful consideration be given to the document each time it is used on a project. These standards can have a dramatic impact on the productivity and effort required to produce the model for iaa project. If there is no BIM standards document to reference, then the standards need to be established at this point.

Alternative to AIA E Document | Applying Technology to Architecture

e2202 Copyright Law and International Treaties. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Do you define LOD in your documents? You are commenting using your WordPress.

Virtual building models are multi-faceted in multi-dimensional space – much like real buildings are. You are commenting using your Twitter account.